Master in Business Analytics and Data Science (MSc)

Master in Business Analytics and Data Science (MSc)

Our MSc in Business Analytics and Data Science will help you to develop a strong foundation in scientific programming, data analytics, machine learning, and decision making. Practical applications and hands-on experience are at the core of our program, allowing you to solve real-world data and decision challenges using cutting-edge algorithms. The logistics and supply chain sector stands out as an exemplary domain, with worldspanning operations, distributed data, and complex decision problems, providing an excellent learning environment and abundant prospects for professional growth in the field of business analytics and data science.

German universities and our educational system are world-class and recognized by employers around the globe. In addition, the country has a strong economy and a stable job market in need of qualified professionals. After successfully graduating from KLU you are legally entitled to work in Germany and are allowed to reside here up to 18 months after graduation (way above the average of other European countries) to find your ideal job. Hamburg, particularly, is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city, safe and welcoming for people of all origins, thanks to its rich history of trading. Frequently voted as one of the most livable cities in the world, Hamburg offers a great work life balance for its residents, and a vibrant scene, full of wonderful gastronomy, cultural activities, sports, nature, luxury, and more. 

Admission Requirements

We require a degree in business/economics, engineering, computer science or mathematics and will consider other degrees if your bachelor's degree contains at least three quantitative courses!

The bachelor’s degree must comprise 180 ECTS for the standard track or 210 ECTS for the fast track and the part-time track. Applicants for the fast track and for the part-time track must have done at least one academic term abroad during their previous university study. Equally possible to prove an internship abroad, which was officially part of the bachelor’s degree program.

Apply with you transcript of records if you have not yet received your degree certificate.

Application Deadlines

Admissions Process

We require an application fee of €50 for non-EU/EEA applicants. We offer application fee waivers for selected candidates. 


Our MSc in Business Analytics and Data Science program starts every September. 

  Standard Track Fast Track
Study Period 2 years / 4 semesters 1,5 years / 3 semesters
Program ECTS 120 ECTS 90 ECTS
ECTS for Admission 180 ECTS 210 ECTS
Internship Mandatory Mandatory
Semester Abroad 1 semester / free to choose2 No
Curriculum will be added shortly will be added shortly

2Students who have already studied outside of Germany for a substantial amount of time might have the option to spend their third semester at KLU.

Master students in the standard track have the opportunity to spend their third semester abroad. Enrolled as a full-time student at the host university, you will acquire first-hand insights into new cultures and countries and have unique experiences.

  • Choose between more than 60 renowned partner institutions around the world.
  • Complement your studies with courses beyond KLU’s scope of specialties.
  • Discover new cultures and countries and engage in activities you have never lived before.
  • Make friends from across the globe.
  • Boost your skills in speaking a second language (although classes are offered entirely in English).
  • Have a mind-opening experience that will make your student time unique and memorable.

Do read up on our blogpost: 5 keys to maximaze your international experience

International Office 

Semester Abroad Gallery

  • Access to alumni via alumni portal & alumni career talks
  • Networking opportunities and training
  • Practice-oriented guest lectures by high-profile industry professionals
  • Recruiting events on campus
  • Exclusive internship and job offers
  • Annual CV book prior to graduation

All career services are integrated into your curriculum. Read about our career development program in this article.

Career Development Office

KLU Career Connect: This is not your typical career fair! Get inspired by short company pitches at the company slam, ask all your questions and network at the Meet & Greet and introduce yourself to relevant companies with a professional pitch in 1:1 sessions. No worries, our career courses will prepare you and make sure you can shine in front of the potential employers!

Alumni Career Talks: At this peer-to-peer career event you will meet KLU alumni from various industries who will share their story and their experiences with you. You get to meet in a relaxed setting and you can practice your networking skills. Connect with one of the alumni from your dream company or get inspired to explore an industry you haven’t thought of before. Our alumni are looking forward to meeting you!


Tuition fees are charged per semester. A non-refundable deposit of EUR 1,000 is due within two weeks after the receipt of the signed study contract. The deposit will be deducted from the first tuition fee installment.

  Standard Track Fast Track
Study Period 2 years / 4 semesters 1,5 years / 3 semesters
Tuition Fees 7,590.00 per semester 8,090.00 per semester

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KLU offers a limited number of merit and need-based scholarships, plus a sport scholarship program for German national team athletes. Stipends of gifted education instituions (Begabtenförderwerke) can apply for a full tuition fee waiver at KLU. We will also support student from refugee comumunities in Hamburg. Do read up on the criteria that apply for each scholarship.

Brain Capital is an innovative tuition financing concept. Students participating in these models do not or only partially pay tuition fees during their studies at KLU. However, they commit themselves to make income-dependent payments upon completion of their studies. The total amount of payments is linked to the income earned. The model is based on a solidarity principle: students with higher income repay more than students with lower income. There are limits for maximum annual and maximum total payments (about twice the tuition fee amount adjusted for inflation). 

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Financing Schemes

There are different loan schemes to finance the cost of living. These primarily target German and EU nationals. Candidates of other nationalities are only eligible if they have a German baccalaureate (Abitur) and permanent residence status in Germany. 

Develop An Operations Mindset

At KLU, we believe that a strong operations mindset is your key to success. All our programs will teach you how to acquire such a mindset and strengthen the skills that allow you to excel in your future career. 

"Always up to the latest technologies"

He looked at the whiteboards in the classrooms of the Humboldt University, and now he faces the other way in leading the lectures of KLU. Professor Leopold has been awarded Best Teacher of 2022, elected by our KLU student body. He shares with us the keys to his success in Academia, both as a brilliant researcher, always up to the latest technologies, and as an excellent teacher. Meet Henrik in our Podcast!

"Generative AI in Supply Chain Management"

Watch  a session with Prof. Dr. Henrik Leopold, Data Science and Business Intelligence, Kühne Logistics University and Dr. Dietmar Guhe, Vice President Cloud IT & Infrastructure, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions recorded at the 2024 Logistics Day of the Kuehne Foundation at KLU. We got the experts on campus!

Meet KLU

Career prospects

In today's business landscape, organizations heavily rely on data and analytics to gain a competitive edge and uncover valuable insights. Graduates with expertise in business analytics have sustained opportunities and a high potential for professional growth in the years to come. 

At the MSc in Business Analytics and Data Science at KLU you will gain the skills that the market and the employers of the future are already seeking, such as:

  • A deep understanding of data collection and processing, statistical analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • Fundamental skills in various scientific methodologies for data-driven decision-making processes leveraging the power of optimization algorithms
  • Skills in critical thinking, effective written and oral communication, and presentation skills
  • Critical leadership skills such as negotiation, team building, and the ability to work in diverse and intercultural teams
  • Ability to work independently using academic methods in a rapid-changing context

Your future job can be: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, Business Process Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst, Digital Transformation Strategist, Digital Innovation Strategist, Intrapreneur, Consultant, and many more.
KLU business network includes companies such as IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, Google, …

  • The global market for business analytics and data science is projected to soar to USD 684.12 billion by 2030—a significant leap from USD 198.08 billion in 2020 (source: Allied Market Research). The demand for skilled professionals in this field has never been higher. 
  • The sector is expected to maintain a robust compound average growth rate of 13.5% until 2030 (source: Allied Market Research), indicating sustained opportunities for those with expertise in business analytics.
  • Analytic abilities and vision for data-driven decisions have been a key component in the rising of some of the most successful individuals, at the top of Forbes list (Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Marc Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, etc.)
  • Job positions in business analytics average a yearly salary of close to 60.000€ in Germany (source: Step Stone)
  • Business analysts and data scientists rank in the top 5 of most demanded job positions in Germany according to several sources.
Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel, Publications Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

There is a high demand for skilled professionals: companies across industries are actively seeking individuals who can harness the power of data to make informed decisions, driving up the demand for experts in this field, meaning high opportunities for career and salary advances.

Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Prof. Dr. Henrik Leopold, Associate Professor for Data Science and Business Intelligence

Gear up for great career development opportunities: you can explore various roles, from business and data analysts, data scientists to machine learning engineers and AI researchers, the versatility of this field allows for continuous career development and specialization.

Professor Dr. Henrik Leopold, Professor for Data Science and Business Intelligence

 Prof. Rod Franklin, Academic Director

Make an impact: you have a direct impact on an organization's success, by extracting valuable insights from data, you contribute to informed decision-making, optimized processes, and data-driven innovations, your work can lead to tangible improvements in efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness, making your career highly impactful and rewarding.

Prof. J. Rod Franklin. PhD, Full Professor of Logistics Practice

Prof. Dr. Alexa Burmester, Assistant Professor of Applied Quantitative Methods

Work with the newest technologies: you have the opportunity to utilize state-of-the-art tools and technologies, such as advanced analytics platforms, machine learning frameworks, and big data solutions, stay engaged with the latest tech trends keep your skill set relevant and in-demand.

Prof. Dr. Alexa Burmester, Assistant Professor of Applied Quantitative Methods



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