Prof. Alan C. McKinnon, PhD


Professor of Logistics

Prof. Alan C. McKinnon, PhD


Professor of Logistics


McKinnon, A.C. (July 2014)
Deceleration of Supply Chains: Is it an effective decarbonisation measure?  International Symposium of Logistics, Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam.

McKinnon, A.C. (May 2014) 
The Future of Logistical Collaboration in Europe. Final Conference of the EU CO3 project, Brussels, Belgium.

McKinnon, A.C. (April 2014)
European Logistics 2030:  Forecasts, Speculations and Targets. Dinalog Annual Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

McKinnon, A.C. (April 2014)
Sustainable Logistics Strategies. Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference, Paris, France.

McKinnon, A.C. (April 2014)
High Capacity Vehicles: A Review of Evidence and Issues. OECD / International Transport Forum seminar on High Capacity Vehicles, Paris, France.

McKinnon, A.C. (March 2014)
Building Supply Chain Resilience: A Review of Challenges and Strategies. APEC / ITF Conference on Supply Chain Resilience, Christchurch, New Zealand.

McKinnon, A.C. (November 2013)
Adaptive Logistics: A New Paradigm. THINK Logistics Seminar on 'Efficiency, Responsiveness and Risk Mitigation', National University of Singapore, Singapore.

McKinnon, A.C. (November 2013)
Low Carbon Logistics: A European Perspective. 21st Annual Congress of the Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management, Lake Balaton, Hungary.

McKinnon, A.C. (October 2013)
Global Value Chains: the Sustainability Dimension. Conference on Global Value Chains: Policy Implications and Opportunities, European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

McKinnon, A.C. (September 2013)
Cutting Carbon Emissions from the Deep-sea Container Supply Chain.  Annual conference of the Italian Association of Transport Economics and Logistics (SIET), Venice, Italy.

McKinnon, A.C. (July 2013)
Decarbonising the Deep-sea Container Supply Chain: the Possible Contribution of Port Centric Logistics. 13th World Conference on Transport Research, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

McKinnon, A.C. (June 2013)
Intelligent Urban Logistics. Annual Conference of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg (LIHH), Hamburg, Germany.

McKinnon, A.C. (May  2013)
Improving the Energy Efficiency of Freight Transport: A Logistical Perspective.Energy Conference, Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

McKinnon, A.C. (April 2013)
Climate Change, Maritime Transport and the Role of the Shipper. Annual Conference of the Global Shippers' Forum, London, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (January 2013)   
Development of a Freight Decarbonization Tool - Evaluation of Measures for Reducing Freight Transport Emissions in the UK. US Transportation Research Board conference, Washington DC, USA.

McKinnon, A.C. (December 2012) 
Setting Targets for Reducing Carbon Emissions from Logistics Operations: Principles and Practice. Better Air Quality Conference, Hong Kong.

McKinnon, A.C. (October 2012) 
Decarbonising the Freight Transport System. 'Turning the right corner towards a low-emission transport sector' conference, World Bank, Berlin, Germany.

McKinnon, A.C. (September 2012)
The Contribution of the Shipper to the Decarbonisation of Deep-Sea Container Supply Chains. 2nd Low Carbon Shipping Conference, Newcastle, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (September 2012)
Journal Rankings and the Future of Logistics Research. Logistics Research Network Conference, Cranfield University, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (July 2012) 
Global Logistics Trends and Challenges. South African Institute of International Affairs Seminar, Johannesburg, South Africa.

McKinnon, A.C. (July 2012) 
Deriving carbon-reduction targets for logistics. International Symposium of Logistics, Cape Town, South Africa.

McKinnon, A.C. (June 2012)     
Sustainable Logistics. National Logistics Costs and Performance conference, World Bank, Washington DC, USA.

McKinnon, A.C. (May 2012)  
Decarbonising Road Freight Transport. Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, London, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (April 2012)   
Green Logistics: Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics.   UNCTAD 13th Conference, Doha, Qatar.

McKinnon, A.C (February 2012)  
Role of Road Transport in a Green Transport System. International Road Transport Union / EU. Transport Policy conference, Brussels, Belgium.

McKinnon, A.C. (March 2012)  
The Greening of Freight Transport. Mobility and Logistics conference organized by the Fraunhofer Institute, New Dehli, India.

McKinnon, A.C. (November 2011) 
Energy Efficiency Initiatives in the Road Freight Sector: A Multi-stakeholder Perspective. University of Tampere / Finnish Ministry of Transport seminar on Energy Efficiency in Freight Transport, Helsinki, Finland.

McKinnon, A.C. (October 2011) 
Food Supply Chain Service Innovation: Improving Efficiency and Cutting Carbon Emissions. Food Storage and Distribution Federation, International Congress, Chester, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (October 2011)  
Ports in the Logistics Chain: Opportunities to Reduce Carbon Emissions. British Ports Association Annual Conference, Orkney, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (September 2011)  
Developing a Decarbonisation Strategy for Logistics. Logistics Research Network annual conference, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (June 2011)  
The Climate Change Challenge for the Freight Transport Sector. UK Freight Transport Association Carbon Reduction Conference, London, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (June 2011)  
Green Logistics: a Brief Review of European Research, Policy and Practice. EU-Argentina ENABLE project, Final Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

McKinnon, A.C. (April 2011) 
Effects of Port-centric Logistics on the Carbon Intensity of the Maritime Supply Chain: A preliminary assessment. 2nd annual Port Centric Logistics conference, Birmingham, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (February 2011) 
Green Logistics: A State-of–the-Art Review. Green Transportation and Logistics Conference, Dubai.

McKinnon, A.C. (October 2010)  
Decarbonisation of Supply Chains: A Major Supply Chain Trend. Polish Logistics and Supply Chain Managers (PSML) Congress, Warsaw, Poland.

McKinnon, A.C. (October 2010)  
Future Trends in Logistics: on the Eve of a Paradigm Shift? Alliance for European Logistics conference, Brussels, Belgium.

McKinnon, A.C. (October 2010)   
Logistics and Climate Change: from Mitigation to Adaptation. European Transport Conference, Glasgow, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. and Edwards, J.B (July 2010) 
Carbon Implications of Returning Unwanted Goods Ordered Online. 13th World Conference on Transport Research, Lisbon, Portugal.

McKinnon, A.C. (September 2010)  
Innovation in Road Freight Transport: Achievements and Challenges. International Transport Forum workshop on transport innovation, Lisbon, Portugal.

McKinnon, A.C. and Kreie, A. (September 2010)  
Adaptive Logistics: Preparing Logistical Systems for Climate Change. Logistics Research Network annual conference, Cardiff, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (August 2010)  
Directions for the Logistics Industry and Supply Chain in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges. Malaysian Logistics Roadmap conference, Malaysian Institute of Transport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

McKinnon, A.C. (May 2010)   
Green Logistics: the Carbon Agenda. European Logistics Association, Research Conference, Poznan, Poland.

McKinnon, A.C. (May 2010) 
Is Online Retailing Better for the Environment than Conventional Retailing. ITS UK, 'Understanding Urban Freight' Conference, London, UK.

McKinnon, A.C. (March 2010)  
Decarbonising Logistics and Freight Transport: Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges. 11th International Heavy Vehicle Technology Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

McKinnon, A.C. (February 2010)
Opportunities for Greening Logistics: UK Green Logistics Research Project. European Commission ICT for Energy Efficiency Conference, Brussels, Belgium.