Social Responsibility and Sustainability



Social Responsibility and Sustainability



As an institution of knowledge creation and education, it is KLU's ambition and goal to positively impact the debate in the academic field, among students and alumni, in industry, and, in general, on a responsible transformation of the global economy and society.

Sustainability is tied to KLU's mission and is one of our Key Competence Areas. It is part of KLU's mission to address challenges regarding our society's sustainable transformation. Several activities, innovations, collaborations, and projects bring us closer to this goal.

Alan Mckinnon, Professor of Logistics

In KLU we define sustainability broadly not only to include its economic, environmental and social dimensions but also to embrace ethical issues, resilience and humanitarian aid.  The research that we conduct in this wide field aims to enhance the health and well-being of the population and the ecosystems upon which we all depend.

Prof. Alan C. McKinnon, PHD, Professor of Logistics

Master in Sustainable Management and Operations (SuMO)

Our SuMO program provides professionals with the chance to learn about sustainable management and make a real impact. It's a part-time program that offers flexible learning options and combines scientific expertise with a holistic perspective on sustainability. With a blend of online modules and interactive on-campus sessions in Hamburg, it optimizes your time for effective learning. Learn more!

Areas of Engagement

Sustainability and its relations to logistics, operations management, leadership, management, and economics is part of the curriculum in all our programs.

Examples of courses:

Besides that, we also offer focused programs:

Aspects of sustainability are targeted in many of the research actitivities of Kühne Logistics University.


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Research Centers


Research Projects

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Making our campus more sustainbility step by step is an ongoing process. We have already achieved some important goals:


  • Green paper: KLU uses only recycled paper for printing on campus.
  • Reduced printing: We have been able to reduce the print volume on campus by increasing awareness amongst students and staff by adding a "double confirmation" of each printing job.

Waste and Energy

  • Waste separation: All campus waste is separated and forwarded to the recycling loop (whenever possible).
  • Green energy and light-saving bulbs: KLU uses 100% green energy on campus. In order to save energy, KLU continuously exchanges older light sources to LEDs.

Green Mobility

  • Public Transportation: KLU offers financial support for students and staff public transportation tickets.
  • Bike Parking: In the underground parking of our building, dry and safe bicycle stands are available.

Building Maintenance

  • Procurement of office supplies: KLU orders green office supplys whenever they are available as alternative.
  • Cleaning: Our cleaning contractor for the KLU building uses green cleaning products.

United Nations - Principles for responsible management education (UN PRME)

A global movement transforming business and management education through research and leadership.

We're proud to announce our acceptance to the PRME community. We are committed to aligning our own strategies and operations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the six PRME Principles.

More information on PRME