Sustainability and Green Office



Sustainability and Green Office



Sustainability is an important part of KLU’s mission and is one of our Key Competence Areas. One of our primary aims is to address our society’s sustainable change through research and education. Our aim is that the entire KLU community positively impacts responsible transformations of the global economy and society.

Alan Mckinnon, Professor of Logistics

In KLU we define sustainability broadly not only to include its economic, environmental and social dimensions but also to embrace ethical issues, resilience and humanitarian aid.  The research that we conduct in this wide field aims to enhance the health and well-being of the population and the ecosystems upon which we all depend.

Prof. Alan C. McKinnon, PHD, Professor of Logistics

KLU’s Green Office

The KLU Green Office is a collaboration between students, academics, staff and other KLU stakeholders that works to ensure that sustainability is addressed at KLU at a strategic level. The Green Office works on both short- and long-term projects that support a coordinated approach to sustainability.

United Nations - Principles for responsible management education (UN PRME)

A global movement transforming business and management education through research and leadership.

UN PRME is a global movement transforming business and management education through research and leadership. KLU is a proud member of the PRME community. As such, KLU is committed to aligning our strategies and operations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals under the framework of the six PRME principles.

Learn more about PRME.


Examples of Sustainability at KLU

Sustainability is a core part of the educational offerings at KLUs. Students can make sustainability the focus of their studies in two ways:

In addition to these focused programs, sustainability is integrated in other courses, such as:

Besides that, we also offer focused programs:

Sustainability features strongly in KLU’s research activities. In addition to the Centre for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains (CSLS), the work undertaken by the Centre for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development (CHORD) and the Hapag Lloyd Centre for Shipping Chains and Global Logistics (CSGL) reflect KLU’s board approach to sustainability. KLU also participates in the Global Logistics Emission Council Partnership (GLEC).


To find more KLU specific examples, search either KLU publications or KLU research projects using the filer “sustainability”.

Making our campus and operations more sustainable is an ongoing process at KLU. The Green Office continues to explore ways in which it can support the KLU community to make sustainability a consideration in all decision making.

Previous sustainability projects at KLU have included:

  • Only using recycled paper and reducing printing overall.
  • Encouraging public transportation and cycling through financial incentives and bike parking facilities.
  • Working with vendors and contracts to ensure services and products being used by KLU are aligned with sustainable principles.

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