From Hamburg to Ho Chi Minh City

Starting a new chapter: KLU's presence in Vietnam.

From Hamburg to Ho Chi Minh City

Starting a new chapter: KLU's presence in Vietnam.

KLU, Kühne Logistics University, is ready to further expand its international footprint by opening a new campus in Vietnam's vibrant business and logistics hub Ho Chi Minh City

Founded in 2010, KLU’s vision is to provide the world’s best leadership and management education, firmly rooted in an operations mindset. We strongly believe that effective leadership anywhere in the world requires a deep understanding of logistics, operations, and supply chain management. In Ho Chi Minh City, Southeast Asia’s logistics hub, we aim to advance these fields through both research and teaching. We intend to offer dedicated programs in logistics and supply chain management at both the bachelor's and master’s levels, as well as provide executive education and lifelong learning opportunities.

KLU has received several awards for the quality of its programs and teaching, excellent study conditions, and top positions in relevant research rankings. An open and international mentality has always been at the core of KLU’s identity, attracting students, academics, and staff from around the world to our campus in Hamburg, Germany's logistics capital and one of Europe’s main logistics hubs. Our new presence in Vietnam perfectly aligns with our objective to contribute to global knowledge transfer and capacity building.

Powered by the Kühne Foundation, a Swiss foundation with German roots and a global focus, KLU is backed by a strong, not-for-profit institution. As the flagship of the foundation’s “logistics" focus area, KLU strengthens the Kühne Foundation in its goal of elevating the world's economic and social development through logistics expertise, education and research.

We are strongly interested to get in touch with local partners, willing to collaborate with us to offer students the best possible study experience and our more general goal of cultivating and empowering leaders with a strong operations mindset.

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  • Contribute to local and regional capacity building in logistics and supply chain management in Vietnam and South-East Asia.
  • Strengthen logistics and supply chain management competencies and skills for the regional industry and corporate sector.
  • Generate knowledge and enhance research-based knowledge transfer in logistics, operations, and supply chain management.


Collaboration Potential

In our Ho Chi Minh City location, we intend to:

  • Offer bachelor's and master's degree programs in logistics and supply chain management.
  • Provide executive education and continuous learning opportunities within the logistics sector and beyond.
  • Engage in scientific research and outreach activities that bridge academia and the corporate world.
  • Organize student exchanges and study trips to both Ho Chi Minh City and Hamburg.

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Prospective Degree Program: Master in Global Logistics & SCM

Program Structure

2 years

Language of instruction

English (IELTS 6.5)

Main place of study

Central HCMC

Shared teaching

KLU Hamburg Faculty & Faculty of Vietnamese University Partners


FIBAA Program Accreditation (Premium Seal)

Joint Degree Program

KLU Degree


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President, Managing Director & Professor of Digital Transformation

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