Finding the right type of accommodation is a challenging task. Accommodation in Hamburg is both hard to find and comparatively expensive.

Things to consider when choosing a place to live:

  • Rental cost & additional expenses (utilities etc.),
  • Lease agreements,
  • Distance of public transportation facilities,
  • Distance of shopping facilities,
  • Safety.

What it costs to live in Hamburg, Germany

The average monthly rent depends very much on size, comfort and district. It is about 350 € for a furnished single room in a public student dorm. It starts at 500-600 € for a one-bedroom apartment (usually unfurnished). For a fully furnished single apartment in a private student apartment house the average monthly rent ranges between 550-1,000 €.

Choosing the accommodation that's right for you

KLU does not offer on-campus housing but supports you in finding suitable accommodation. Students will be offered a limited number of fully-furnished rooms in the student dorm for the first semester starting in September. This is a good opportunity to get started in Hamburg. A very small number of rooms for the whole study period is also available. After having been accepted by KLU and after having signed the study agreement, you will be informed by Student Services how to apply.

Where to live in Hamburg

  • KLU is based in the HafenCity – a rather expensive district located near the city center. Nearby districts are Neustadt and St. Georg.
  • The districts Sternschanze, St. Pauli, Ottensen and Eimsbüttel are quite popular among students.
  • Room- and flat-hunting is easier in districts like Hamburg-Nord, Harburg, Bergedorf and Wandsbek.
  • Keep in mind that almost all locations in Hamburg are easily accessible by public transport. Hamburg has a reliable, safe and well-connected transportation system. Your future transportation ticket is valid for the whole metropolitan area of Hamburg.
  • If you have a small budget for accommodation, we recommend searching for accommodation in less popular areas which have a good connection to public transport.

Rooms offered by kLU

KLU students can find the rooms that we offer as well as useful websites in our student intranet.

If you are looking for accommodation in a public student dorm, we would like to inform you that KLU offers rooms in only two student dorms: Kiwittsmoor and Gustav-Radbruch-Haus. Student Services provides information for KLU students on how to apply in May/June each year. Please get in touch with Student Services if you have any questions.

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Frederick Stein

Student Services Manager