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Quality Management

Quality Management Office

The Quality Management Office at KLU is a staff unit of the President and is responsible for ensuring that the university's programs, services, and operations meet and exceed the expectations of students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders. This may involve implementing and monitoring quality control systems, conducting performance evaluations, and implementing continuous improvement initiatives. The Quality Management Office works closely with other departments and units within the university to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to address any issues or concerns that arise. Additionally, the office collaborates with external accrediting bodies and other organizations to ensure that KLU is meeting industry standards and regulations. Overall, the goal of the Quality Management Office is to help KLU achieve and maintain a high level of excellence in all of its endeavors.

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Responsibilities of the Quality Management

KLU holds national certifications for all its degree programs from FIBAA - Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, is nationally accredited by the German Science Council (Deutscher Wissenschaftsrat) and is in the process of an international accreditation.

Program Accreditations

All degree programs of KLU are nationally accredited by FIBAA.
The Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) has accredited over 1,800 degree programs, but until now it has awarded the premium seal to only 16 universities – including Kühne Logistics University. Both of KLU’s master’s degree programs – Management and Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, as well as KLU’s Bachelor in Business Administration – have earned the FIBAA Premium Seal.

National Accreditation

In 2015, Kühne Logistics University received the institutional accreditation & unlimited state recognition trough the German Science Council. The institutional re-accreditation & right to award doctorates was received in 2017. Currently, we are in the process of the next institutional re-accreditation.

International Accreditation

KLU is in the process of an international accreditation and has already successfully passed the first steps of that accreditation process.

The Assurance of Learning (AoL) system is a framework used by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) to ensure that business schools are meeting the standards and expectations set forth by the organization. AoL is a continuous improvement process that allows schools to assess their programs and make necessary changes to ensure that their graduates have the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the business world.

There are several key elements to the AoL system:

  1. Learning goals and objectives: AoL requires schools to identify specific learning goals and objectives for each program, which serve as the basis for assessing student learning.
  2. Learning assessment: Schools must develop and implement a system for assessing student learning, which may include exams, projects, and other forms of assessment.
  3. Continuous improvement: AoL requires schools to continuously review and improve their programs based on the results of the learning assessment.
  4. Evidence-based decision making: Schools must use data and evidence to inform their decisions about program improvement.
  5. Stakeholder engagement: AoL requires schools to involve key stakeholders, such as faculty, students, and alumni, in the process of continuous improvement.

Overall, the AoL system is designed to ensure that business schools are providing a high-quality education that meets the needs of their students and prepares them for success in the business world.

KLU adapted this approach and started to implement its own AoL system in 2019. KLU's Assurance of Learning System is an instrument ensuring that graduates have the acquired competencies, skills, and knowledge required by and expected of KLU's degree programs.
For all stakeholders, it is essential to know KLU's students' levels of accomplishment compared to the competency goals. Student performances are primarily assessed using course-embedded questions in assignments, written exams, theses, or presentations using KLU's AoL assessment rubrics. The comparison of the assessment results with the program expectations allows the identification of areas of improvement at the program level. KLU faculty (represented by the academic directors), along with the assistance of the Quality Management team, are responsible for preparing the assessments, the timeline, the collection, analysis, and protection of the data, and for preparing reports. The reports are then discussed by the AoL Committee, who then decide on further measures. In this way, the AoL System expands KLU's portfolio of continuous improvement measures.

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Along the whole student life cycle KLU evaluates its quality:

KLU places a high value on the quality of the courses it offers its students. Course evaluations provide valuable student feedback and are among the key features of the quality assurance system at KLU, ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of courses and the student's learning experience. Student involvement in this process is critical to enhancing the general quality of teaching and learning. Details are regulated in KLU's KLU Student Teaching Evaluation Policy.

We also conduct event-driven evaluations, e.g. after the semester abroad or the internship, as well as student services evaluations on the services by Student Services, Program Management, Career and Alumni Office, and Library/Information Systems.

The Quality Management Department at KLU continuously checks and improves the internal and external processes of our institution in close cooperation with the KLU faculty and administrative staff as well as our students and external stakeholder in order to find the best solutions for a professional and smooth experience to students and staff.

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Niels Tolkiehn

Head of Quality Management

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Lidia Guerrero Miglietti

Quality and Accreditation Coordinator

You can contact the members of the Office individually or write to qm@klu.org. You can request that your case is dealt with confidentiality.