Carbon Accounting Workshop

Decoding your carbon footprint

Carbon Accounting Workshop

Decoding your carbon footprint

Masterclass workshop


October 14-15*



Target group

Hamburg, KLU Campus




1.950 EUR

Registration Fee

*Can't make it in October? Don't worry, there will be another workshop in December. You are also welcome to get in touch with us so that we can find a solution for you.

What’s in it for you?

Join us for an intensive, hands-on master class designed for individuals and organizations eager to master carbon accounting. Dive deep into current standards and reporting frameworks, including EU regulations, the GHG protocol, ISO norms, and the GLEC framework. Gain strategic and operational insights essential for developing a robust carbon accounting system.

During the course, you will interactively tackle a practical case study, calculating emissions of a product's journey from raw material to final distribution. You will gather relevant data to quantify emissions for each leg, applying appropriate methodologies for different modes of transport. This practical experience will enhance your ability to critically assess supply chain emission calculations, classify varying data quality, and evaluate various carbon accounting approaches. Conclude your journey with a discussion with global policy experts on regulatory trends and the future of carbon accounting.



  • Big Picture, why carbon accounting increasingly matters
  • Reporting framework landscape and reporting standards
  • Accounting and managing CO2 emissions


  • Purpose and approaches to carbon accounting
  • Key principles of carbon accounting
  • The GHG Protocol and the GLEC Framework
  • Exercise: Three steps in carbon calculations


  • Workshop intro: Terminology, scoping, metrics and parameters
  • Calculating supply chain emissions: Multimodal Calculations and Product Supply Chain Calculations for a Single Product


  • Guest speaker: NGO/ Policy Perspective
  • The future of carbon accounting
  • Strategic choice of primary data variants
  • Regulatory trends and the e-liability approach


Learning outcomes and added value

  • Recognize challenges in calculating emissions
  • Understand essential differences in data types
  • Incorporate factors affecting emissions in supply chains
  • Evaluate use case for different carbon accounting approaches


Duration: 2 days

Method: Masterclass workshop with practical examples and case studies

Course Language: English

Faculty: Prof. Dr. Johannes Meuer, Prof. Dr. Alexander Himme and Prof. Dr. Moritz Petersen

External partner: shipzero

Who will benefit most from this course?

  • Owners, managing partners of medium-sized and family-run companies 
  • Board members and managing directors, commercial managers
  • Business development managers

Registration fee:

  • €1.950,-


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