Get engaged at KLU

Share your knowledge with a large audience and become part of our community

Get engaged at KLU

Share your knowledge with a large audience and become part of our community

At KLU we have a constantly growing network of renowned professors, motivated students, highly qualified alumni, leading companies and strong partners. To become a part of it, you have various opportunities alongside participation in programs and events to cooperate with us and benefit from our network.

Location and atmosphere matters! Utilize our state-of-the-art facilities and unique HafenCity surroundings to create a memorable experience for your guests. If desired, our team will ensure seamless coordination and support throughout. To get a first impression of our premises, take a look at our 360° tour of our campus.

Become a vital part of our university community by sponsoring events, providing catering, or offering venue space. Your support ensures the success of our gatherings while granting you valuable exposure to our diverse audience of students, faculty, and industry professionals.

Amplify your impact by becoming a key partner in promoting events aligned with your expertise or your company's focus. Join us in enhancing visibility and engagement in areas that matter most to you.

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Engage with our students and faculty, enriching their learning experience and fostering collaboration in your field while showcasing your knowledge and insights.

At KLU, we attach great importance to the highest quality and expertise. Therefore, external speakers must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Proven relevant experience and expertise in the respective field
  • Fluent in German or English
  • Willingness to travel to the KLU campus in Hamburg or technical requirements for a remote connection.

Unlock the potential of your workforce by joining our mentoring and career expertise program. Collaborate with KLU to provide valuable insights and support to students while gaining access to emerging talent and fresh perspectives.

Explore a unique partnership opportunity by inviting our students and participants to experience your company firsthand. Whether showcasing your innovative production hall, cutting-edge warehouses, or modern workspaces, collaborate with us to offer captivating field trips focused on logistics and SCM, leadership and new work methodologies, sustainability practices, and more.

Explore the wealth of student and alumni talent at KLU. Collaborate with us to recruit skilled individuals who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your company. Let us help you find the perfect match for your team's needs.

Elevate our athletes' journey by becoming a valued sponsor. Join us in empowering our student-athletes to reach their full potential through your support and partnership.

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