Degree programs: MSc Logistics & SCM, MSc Management

The objectives are 1) to secure employment relevant to one’s course of study and 2) to do the work and convert that experience into career advancement.

Students participate in a preparatory course which covers these topics:

• Self-assessment of aptitudes, interests, competencies

• Understanding the different perspectives in the hiring process

• Researching employment opportunities and networking

• Making and refining an effective Curriculum Vitae

• Presenting an effective sales pitch in writing and verbally

The preparatory course includes a written self-assessment, a written career options plan, a written job search plan, an informational interview with a professional in one’s target field or employer and a 1:1 career consultation interview.

The internship must meet requirements defined in KLU’s internship regulations.

Career Services offers various types of support, including consultation meetings, CV and cover letter reviews, practice interviews, document and multi-media resources, an internal job-board and networking events.

While the student does the internship, there is no oversight by Career Services. One exception is if the student requests the involvement of Career Services.

Course facts

Offered by Anne Rehmet
ECTS credits10
Method of examination75% attendance in a preparatory course before the internship