Marketing Analytics

Degree programs: MSc Logistics & SCM, MSc Management

The module combines interactive lectures, case studies, practical work assignments with in-class discussions. The case studies aim to allow students the freedom to expand, develop, present, and discuss their own ideas. The written assignments help students prepare for the exam. Given the student-centrist teaching approach, the lecturer supports the students in their learning process. In order to achieve this objective, the active participation of the students in the class room is an integral part of the lecture. Thus, participation will be highly appreciated and asked by the lecturer of the module.


(1) Status Quo of Marketing in Corporations and the Idea of

Marketing Analytics

(2) Valuing Customers

(3) Segmentation and Targeting

(4) Positioning

(5) Forecasting

(6) New Product Design

(7) Pricing Decisions

(8) Resource Allocation

(9) Harvesting Value from Marketing Analytics

Course facts

Offered byProf. Dr. Jan Becker
ECTS credits5
Method of examinationWritten examination (40%) Written assignments (60%)