Performance Leadership Coaching

Performance Leadership Coaching

Performance Leadership Coaching


Developing a leadership style

Target Group

Business leaders and high potentials from all levels


4 one-to-one sessions

There is great pressure on today´s business leaders at all levels to aligning their leadership vision, core values, and everyday actions with the demand to produce needed, valued results at work and as well as in private life. These demands may even be conflicting. Dealing with this “double challenge” and developing a performant leadership style that feels authentic but is doing justice to all the many stakeholders is the objective of these coaching sessions.

Business leaders and high potentials from all levels and organizations, who want to maintain or develop an authentic, but high-performance leadership style by balancing the challenges of work and life at the same time. 

  • 4 one-to-one coaching and feedback sessions
  • Timing of about 60 min each upon individual schedules
  • Based on real-life examples, coach and coachee will deeply reflect the individual situation upon what really matters like performance expectations and accomplishments with key stakeholders
  • Coachees will learn about themselves and benefit from developing and applying creative action and strategies for becoming more performant and authentic
  • Coaching sessions will be held completely confidential 

Professor Dr. Christian “Chris” Tröster has been shaping leaders all over the world from all levels for more than ten years. A sociologist by trade, he received his PhD from the Rotterdam School of Management (NL) and had been a visiting assistant professor at Singapore Management University before he joined KLU in 2011. He is a certified coach and trainer (IKUD, Schulz von Thun Institute). As a researcher he publishes in the leading journals in the field of leadership and organizational behavior. His work is frequently featured in the news (Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Handelsblatt, etc.). When Chris is not researching or teaching, he takes on ultra-distance cycling trips.

  • 4 x 1h individual coaching sessions according to individual schedules
  • 1.200€ + VAT for KLU MBA students and alumni. For externals upon request.
  • Sessions to be held on KLU Campus; other locations and group coachings on request, coaching language is English or German
  • Bookings through KLU Executive Education GmbH

Learning outcomes and benefits for your company

• Understand the meaning and fundamental components of financial statements (i.e. income/cash flow statement, balance sheet)
• Learn the inter-relationships between different components of financial statements
• Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of companies by using key financial ratios
• Realize how management decisions affect financial statements and vice versa 
• Acknowledge to what extent financial statements reflect the increasing importance of intangible assets 

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