Change Makers Dialogues

Driving Sustainable Impact!


Change Makers Dialogues

Driving Sustainable Impact!


Join our Change Makers Dialogues to delve into the challenges and opportunities of sustainability. This event series offers a unique chance to connect with like-minded changemakers and foster meaningful relationships within KLU Sustainability Community. 

We are looking forward to evenings of meaningful connections and insights with you!

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Our previous Change Makers Dialogues

Sebastian FittkoExecutive Director of the Global Impact Tech Alliance & Co-Founder of Initiative Regenerative Marktwirtschaft e.V., laid out the human predicament we were on at that time and looked beyond the implications of climate change and the mechanistic solutions that should have kept the wheel spinning – at least to maintain business as usual for some more time.

He further addressed the topics of why technology was not the solution but had to be an integrated part of the solution, and why we needed to shift our governance structures in organizations to enable transformation instead of remaining in the spiral of business as usual.

You missed that? Don't worry, you can watch the recording of the presentation here.

Andreas R. Streubig, Associate Partner at Johanssen+Kretschmer, owner of, with the help of Prof. Dr. Alexander Himme and Prof. Dr. Brooke A. Gazdag explained the emerging landscape of non-financial/ESG disclosure and its impact on companies of all sizes under the theme 'Sustainability: Counting. Measuring. Weighing.'

They explored the role of reporting standards and delved into the crucial interlinks between reporting, communication, and stakeholder management.

You missed that? Don't worry, you can watch the recording of the presentation here.

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