Women in Business Club: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Leaders

KLU Bachelor of Business Administration students Ksenia Ramaj and Vanessa Gades founded the Women in Business club to raise awareness of gender inequality in the workplace and inspire the university’s students to make positive change when entering the workforce. Almost a year on, the club has grown to 25 members, and Ramaj and Gades, who are 20 years old and come from Tirana in Albania and Hamburg, respectively, say its events are open to everyone at the university.

What’s the motivation behind the KLU Women in Business Club?

Ramaj: I had the idea for a club at the beginning of my studies at KLU. I discussed it with Vanessa and we both thought, "Why not make it happen?" So, in November 2022, we officially created the club. The purpose of the club is to promote gender equality in the business world. As we know, there is still a gender pay gap issue that needs to be addressed.

Gades: Also, we noticed while organizing events, it was hard to find women in leadership positions - overall, the business world is still male-dominated. By creating a supportive community, we want to empower women to challenge these barriers and achieve leadership roles in the business world. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and diverse environment where everyone has equal opportunities to strive and succeed. 

What activities is the club involved in?

Gades: We organize meetings featuring keynote speakers, such as women holding leadership positions in various organizations. These speakers share their experiences, and our club can engage in discussions and gain valuable practical insights into the business world. This also provides us with a means to broaden our professional network.

Ramaj: Another activity organized by our club is conducting workshops. These workshops are aimed at developing specific skills such as public speaking and teamwork. They are conducted by either an external expert or an internal member of the club who wishes to share their knowledge with others.

Gades: Our biggest event this semester is the upcoming Gala Night in November. And it’s important to mention that the club and its events are not only open to women. Everyone is very welcome to join! 

What’s the Gala Night about?

Ramaj: We would like to invite all KLU students and externals to our upcoming Gala Night on November 17th. The evening will feature inspiring keynote speakers, short Q&A sessions, and a chance for students to connect with our guests over food and drinks. We look forward to hosting an inspiring and fun event for everyone.

What are you hoping to achieve with the club?

Gades: First and foremost, changing people's mindsets and raising awareness about gender inequality in the workplace. Promoting women in business is still a very relevant issue that needs to be addressed.

Ramaj: During a recent group talk at our club, we discussed our goals and aspirations for our initiative. In this discussion, some of the members, myself included, noticed a significant lack of women in our respective workplaces. We know that achieving gender equality in the workplace is a long-term goal, but we are contributing towards the cause with each small step we take.

Where to from here for the Women in Business club?

Gades: We have two major events happening each year: one in the fall and one in the spring semester. Additionally, we’ll have keynote speakers, workshops, and other networking events throughout each semester. We share updates about our ongoing activities on social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Ramaj: We aim to create awareness among all genders and encourage them to initiate changes when they embark on their professional journeys. It's disheartening that we all have the same cognitive potential, but not the same opportunities in life. Our objective is to work towards bridging this gap and creating a more equitable world