WirtschaftsWoche: KLU top-ranked in research productivity

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In the latest WirtschaftsWoche ranking, conducted by Forschungsmonitoring, Kühne Logistics University (KLU) was once again among the strongest research universities for Business Administration in the DACH region comprised of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In terms of research productivity, measured by research output per professor, KLU once more took first place among all private universities in the German-speaking countries.

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Comparing the research output per professor among all participating universities, KLU ranked 4th in Germany and 8th in the DACH region. According to KLU president Prof. Thomas Strothotte: “This is once more a truly excellent result for a young and, up-and-coming university like KLU. We have just recently welcomed two new professors to our Faculty and are looking forward to continuing the excellent work together. This ranking also underlines KLU’s ability to give our students insights from cutting-edge research.”

KLU professors among the top business researchers

In addition, a total of nine KLU professors also placed among the best researchers in the field of Business Administration in the different individual rankings.

KLU’s founding dean, Prof. Sönke Albers, ranked 13th in the lifetime achievement category out of more than 3,000 professors included in the survey. Another four of his KLU colleagues also ranked among the Top 10 percent in this list. Five KLU professors are ranked in the list of most research active professors in the last five years, with Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke and Prof. Asvin Goel ranked among the Top 5% in the DACH region.

And also among the new generation of business scholars, KLU’s faculty was well positioned: Two colleagues made it on the “Top 100 under 40 years” list. Next to Prof. Henrik Leopold, also KLU’s new Dean of Research, Prof. Maria Besiou, was listed among the best performing young business scholars. No surprise that Prof. Besiou was very satisfied with KLU’s performance in this year’s WiWo ranking: “This ranking is a great recognition of KLU’s achievements so far. In my work as Dean of Research, I will do everything to keep and further improve this high level of academic excellence at KLU:”

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