KLU scores excellent results in the Ranking of the Wirtschaftswoche 2019

Wirtschaftswoche UNI RANKING 2019

KLU’s research output in the field of Business Administration is ranked among the top 20 of all universities in German-speaking countries.

The newest ranking of the Wirtschaftswoche identifies the strongest research universities in the field of Business Administration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Out of 200 competing universities, Kühne Logistics University (KLU) scores No. 2 among all private universities and reaches the top 20 (No. 19) in the overall ranking. 

In terms of research-output per professor, KLU faculty is ranked No. 1 of all private universities and No. 7 in the overall ranking.   

KLU’s president, Thomas Strothotte, emphasizes: “I am delighted with the excellent showing of our young and up-and-coming institution! KLU is also proud to help strengthen the research image of the City of Hamburg being one of only five cities to have placed more than one institution in top 25.” Jan Fransoo, Dean of Research, points out: “Here in Hamburg, a structure was created at KLU that promotes and demands excellence in research. The current ranking of the Wirtschaftswoche is an important indicator for our claim. As Dean of Research, I look forward to building on this and to shaping the further development of KLU“. KLU’s Dean of Programs, Christian Barrot, adds: “Academic excellence is the key driver of providing a world-class education. The ranking confirms KLU’s ability to provide our students with insights from cutting-edge research”.

The ranking of the Wirtschaftswoche evaluates the research output of universities from 2009 to 2018. Main ranking parameters are the number of publications per university as well as the number of publishing faculty indicating the productivity per professor.