Future Commerce Conference: stationary retail is changing

Trends such as social commerce and the use of artificial intelligence are shaping online retail. The current market situation was discussed with leading experts at the Future Commerce Conference at KLU. The event was hosted by DVZ - Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung and Retail Capital Partners.

Chinese platform providers and a change in consumer behavior among the younger generation are causing a stir in online retail. Artificial intelligence and well-trained algorithms are changing the market, while at the same time the unchecked growth of recent years is being dampened by a slump in sales. These and other developments were discussed by participants at last week's Future Commerce Conference at the Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg.

High standards in e-commerce

"It is definitely problematic that customers of all generations are focused on low prices, but at the same time want to push the issue of sustainability," observes Christoph Tripp, Professor of Distribution and Retail Logistics at Nuremberg Institute of Technology. "So we have a sustainable attitude, but no sustainable actions and are not prepared to pay a premium for this in any way." At the same time, it has become much more difficult for retailers to retain customers and meet the high expectations in terms of service, convenience, individualized approach and order processing.

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