Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

There is more to university life than attending lectures and writing exams. Extracurricular activities provide a place for students to come together, make new contacts, discuss common interests, and accomplish common goals. 

At KLU, students have the opportunity to get involved with a range of activities outside the classroom: 

KLU supports student initiatives by assisting them with organizational matters and funding. Please find below a list of student run clubs:

Since its foundation in 2017, the aim of the club is to build bridges between business and campus. Speaker sessions and outings are therefore organized by UniKonnect, providing fellow students with valuable insights into a variety of industries and company roles as well as aiding in establishing meaningful connections.

This is KLU’s student consultancy for logistics, supply chain management and general management. In cooperation with companies, the group members take on projects from the real business world and organize workshops on consulting and problem-solving skills for the KLU community.

  • Women in Business

This group is aiming to inspire and embrace women in business. By sharing experiences, creating networking opportunities and listening to diverse female speakers, students at KLU get the opportunity to be better prepared for leadership positions and the business world in general.

Following ‘TED Talks’ or ‘Harvard Thinks Big’, the organization team of this once-a-year event gives all KLU members the opportunity to take the stage and deliver talks on topics they care most deeply about in twelve minutes. Hereby the team takes care of all organizational topics, including the recruitment of speakers and hosts.

  • Social Event Committee

The group organizes extracurricular events for KLU students, such as parties, social get-togethers, and excursions to cultural institutions in Hamburg.

  • Sustainability Group

This (newly established) group set its goal on creating a constantly improving, sustainability friendly environment at KLU. By raising environmental awareness, realizing projects on campus, conducting research, and organizing fun and educational events for fellow students the group is aiming to help KLU become one of the top sustainable business schools.

KLU Students who would like to start a new club are welcome to contact Student Services.

This is a volunteer program for students who would like to give back to the KLU community. Students get the chance to promote KLU from a student’s perspective at different events and activities, such as Open Days, Education Fairs, Webinars, or campus tours.

  • Buddy Program

The aim of the buddy program is to welcome new students from abroad to Hamburg. Interested KLU students can apply to become a buddy for new international students before the beginning of every fall semester to actively support them in starting their KLU studies and life in Hamburg.

In addition to the events organized by student clubs, Student Services offers several social events each year to give students the opportunity to socialize outside the classroom and get to know Hamburg and the surrounding area. These include a Fun Day taking place once a semester, a dinner hopping event at the start of studies, social gatherings, and sport events.

Elected annually, the Student Government represents student concerns to the university administration and management. Students can either run for class speaker, spokesperson of the student body, or a position in one of the boards at KLU including the Academic Senate, Admissions Committee, Board of Examiners and Appointment Committee.

Sport connects people and offers a good balance to studying. KLU is a member of Hochschulsport Hamburg which offers a wide range of sport activities. Furthermore, KLU supports students in building sport teams/groups to do sports together and organizes own sport events from time to time. Are you a passionate athlete at any level and want to do sports with your fellow students? Do you have ideas for sport groups, but lack a little start-up support? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Get some impressions of KLU Sports here.

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