KLU Student Ambassador Program

Who better to introduce future students the KLU experience, then current students? The KLU Student Ambassador Program is a volunteer program available to students who are interested in giving back to the KLU community, getting the most out of their university experience and enhancing the experience of others. This volunteer opportunity involves promoting KLU from a current student's perspective at different events and activities, and students will benefit by developing interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.

For questions on the program, please read below, if you have any further questions, let us know by emailing ambassador@klu.org

** Please note, the Student Ambassador Program is a volunteer program.
There is currently no monetary reward or payment for participating in the program. **

Who can become a Student Ambassador?

You can become a Student Ambassador if you are a current KLU student and study on our campus in Hamburg. It does not matter if you are a first year student or have been with us for several years, as long as you are passionated about KLU, the program and would like to support us.

The qualities we look for in a KLU Student Ambassador are the following:

  • Enthusiastic, friendly and approachable
  • Passionate and committed
  • Punctual, flexible and reliable
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Well presented
  • Willingsness to give back to the KLU community

What is the role?

Student Ambassadors participate in various activities and events during their time at KLU. Below you can find some tasks you may support us with:

  • Participate in virtual or in person events such as : Open Days, Education Fairs, Webinars, Student for a day, campus tours, and other events
  • Provide prospective students and their parents with insights into student life at KLU based on your own experiences
  • Support the Student Recruitment and Marketing Department with diverse tasks during weekly office hours
  • Become part of our Ask a Student Service
  • Join in promotional photo shoots and videos, and become one of the faces of KLU
  • Write student testimonials or blogs and engage in social media activities

What are the benefits for you?

By joining the Student Ambassador Program you will be able to:

  • work in a diverse team with other KLU students
  • further develop your interpersonal, leadership and communication skills
  • share your KLU experience with prospective students
  • get insights into Student Recruitment and Marketing activities
  • incorporate your own ideas and support in a creative environment

We will provide you with:

  • a red KLU t-shirt and a name badge
  • a welcome package
  • the opportunity to join KLU events
  • exclusive Student Ambassador 'thank you'
  • a certificate of recognition after participating in minimum 3 events

For more information please email ambassador@klu.org.

What is the commitment?

In order to be able to become a KLU Student Ambassador and participate in the program, students must:

  • be able to join the program and commit themselves for at least one semester. They have to participate in at least 3 events.
  • be reliable and punctual
  • attend any required meetings or training sessions
  • support with at least 3 office hours per semester

Please note that all activities are voluntary, so even if you sign up now and decide later you are not interested or are unavailable, you can always sign out. We do not expect you to do everything, but appreciate what you do.

I want to become a Student Ambassador! What is next?

Steps to become a KLU Student Ambassador:

  1. Fill out survey
  2. Get invited to a Meet & Greet with the Student Recruitment Team
  3. Successful candidates will be invited to a Student Ambassador Welcome Breakfast
  4. Confirm availability by filling out survey
  5. Get started!

What is it like to be a Student Ambassador ?

KLU student Jonah

Prior to starting my studies, I visited an Open Day and was warmly welcomed and introduced to the KLU family. Since that greatly influenced my decision of studying at KLU, I want every prospective student to feel the same. Being an ambassador provides me with an opportunity to warmly welcome and guide future students to a choice they’re happy with and do not regret. Coupled with being able to improve on what input I would have loved to receive while making my study choice, being a student ambassador is the best opportunity to shape my university!

Jonah Rösemeier, Student Ambassador

Fritzi Müller

As a student ambassador, I wanted to provide authentic insights into life at KLU. Visiting open days and staying in touch with students before joining KLU was a valuable experience for me. I can now help prospective students myself while spending time with other ambassadors and having fun at various events.

Fritzi Müller, Student Ambassador

Magdalena Bürk

Being a student ambassador is a great experience and gives me the opportunity to share my own experience on- and off-campus with potential future students. Also, you have the chance to not only get involved into many extracurricular activities, but also to socially interact with others whilst participating in one of the many cool events organized by the university and expanding your network. Taking part in Open Days or Student Fairs is a great amount of fun, especially when working in teams. And another great fact: welcoming a new student on campus that you spoke to before at an university event.

Magdalena Buerk, Student Ambassador

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