Feasibility study and support for missing data for maritime sector technical specifications

Prof. Dr. Michele Acciaro (Copenhagen Business School (CBS)), Vasileios Kosmas, PhD (Carnival Maritime GmbH)

Funded by European Commission - Joint Research Center (JRC)

Brief description

The usage of alternative fuels in the transportation sectors, although able to reduce emissions produced by their operations, requires further exploration. The Joint Research Center (JRC) is developing a state-of-the-art tool which will be applied for the market analysis of alternative fuels within the transportation sectors in order to contribute to policy development. KLU supports JRC in fulfilling the EU maritime fleet database used in this tool and to develop the conceptual framework related to the uptake of alternative fuels in the maritime sector.

Project purpose

Although they help reduce emissions produced by operations in the transportation sectors, the usage of alternative fuels requires further exploration, among others, in terms of availability, economic viability and production feasibility. The Joint Research Center aims at developing an innovative tool—it will include the aviation, road and maritime industries—for conducting market analysis and fuel price forecasting in order to contribute to policy development.  The role of KLU in this project is twofold. Firstly, KLU will support JRC in defining the EU maritime fleet and fulfilling the database included in the tool. Secondly, KLU will identify the factors and the interactions among those that determine the uptake of alternative fuels in the shipping industry.


Sustainability, Maritime Logistics

Project partners

Joint Research Center (JRC) - EU Science Hub, Kühne Logistics University (KLU)

Contact person

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Vasileios Kosmas, PhD

Program Manager Decarbonisation