DISCO - Data-driven, Integrated, Syncromodal, Collaborative and Optimized urban freight meta model for new generation of urban logistics and planning with data sharing at European Living Labs

Prof. Rod Franklin

Funded by European Commission - Horizon Europe

Brief description

The DISCO projects, funded by Horizon Europe (European Union) aims to test and adopt a new generation of urban logistics and smart planning services with the aim to reduce emissions and better manage urban infrastructures. It involves a federated community of logistics service providers, mobility and technology providers, real estate and infrastructure owners and cities supported by specialized consulting, EU associations and academics. The partners and stakeholders will co-design, deploy, demonstrate, evaluate, and replicate innovative urban logistics and planning solutions.

Project purpose

The project has been proposed to examine the benefits of pursuing a dynamic infrastructure allocation model for cities. The concept assumes that by dynamically managing instrumented infrastructures cities can better utilize their assets, avoid congestion, and provide better services to their constituencies without adding costs.  The project leverages IoT, cloud, digital twin, and dataspace technologies to develop a dynamic allocation and management system for cities with a focus on improving urban logistics operations. The objective is to facilitate dynamic infrastructure allocation to enable urban freight operations within a network-of-networks (Physical Internet) model.


Digital Transformation, Infrastructure, Sustainability, Transport Logistics

Project partners

Kühne Logistics University (KLU)

Project Team

Prof. Rod Franklin , Gero Niemann (Kühne Logistics University - KLU)

Contact person

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Prof. Rod Franklin

Academic Director