Differentiated port infrastructure charges to promote environmentally friendly maritime transport activities and sustainable transportation

Prof. Dr. Michele Acciaro (Copenhagen Business School (CBS))

Funded by European Commission - DG Move

Brief description

The project aims to make recommendations and offer a toolbox for European ports to be more environment-friendly. The project study showed how rebates on port fees to promote greener shipping have become common in the sector. If incentive schemes like this are to make a difference, they should be combined with other instruments and all ports in the EU should offer them. Funded by the European Commission.

Project purpose

This project aims to update information and data of EU and worldwide existing practices’ inventories, as well as make recommendations and provide a toolbox for an operational and consistent voluntary application of environmental charging principles in European ports. The implementation of this toolbox aims to be a resource to support ports in carrying out more environmentally-friendly maritime operations, thus reducing or limiting the negative effects of maritime transport on the environment.


Maritime Logistics, Environment, Sustainability

Project partners

University of Brussels, GLINTT, CONGEA, Kühne Logistics University (KLU)

Contact person

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Prof. Dr. Michele Acciaro

Associate Professor, Department of Strategy and Innovation