Accelerating the Path Towards Physical Internet - SENSE

Prof. Rod Franklin, PhD (Kühne Logistics University - KLU), Prof. Dr. André Ludwig (Leipzig University)

Funded by European Union (EU)

Brief description

The SENSE project objective is to accelerate the path towards the Physical Internet (PI), so that advanced pilot implementations of the PI concept are well functioning and extended in industry practice by 2030, and hence contribute to at least 30 % reduction in congestion, emissions and energy consumption. The project is funded by the European Community.

Project purpose

Results from a simulation experiment with top retailers Carrefour and Casino in France and their 100 top suppliers moving from actual practice to a “Physical Internet Model” showed a potential economic benefit of 32%, a 60% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a potential of 50% of volume shifted from road to rail. The SENSE research project aims to increase the level of understanding of the PI concept and the opportunities it brings to transport and logistics:
1) enhance and stabilize a solid framework for industry, research and public bodies to share advances, barriers, opportunities and best practices regarding Physical Internet implementation.
2) build awareness and raise wide consensus on the detailed roadmap towards the
Physical Internet developed in the frame of the project.
3) Create a reference knowledge platform so the Physical Internet community has access to recent developments including implementation cases assessment, industry programs and activities, related start-ups, research and innovation projects, and public initiatives and programs.
4) Assist and support industry, the European Commission, member states and regional governments in the process of defining high impact research policies to fast track to Physical Internet.
By building stronger and wider support of industry, public bodies and research worlds towards the PI one may reach consensus and enable coordinated strategic public and private investments in research and innovation embracing Physical Internet that could lead to a new and more efficient and sustainable paradigm.


Sustainability, Digital Transformation, Transport Logistics, Environment

Project partners

Alliance For Logistics Innovation Through Collaboration In Europe (ALICE), Technische Universiteit Delft, Kühne Logistics University (KLU), Vlaams Instituut Voor De Logistiek Vzw, Netzwerk Logistik Austria (VNL), Procter & Gamble Services Company, FM Logistic Corporate, Stichting TKI Logistiek, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung e.V., Poste Italiane - Societa per Azioni, Interporto Bologna Spa, Centro Nacional De Competencia En Logistica Integral, Instytut Logistyki I Magazynowania, Association Pour La Recherche Et Le Developpement Des Methodes Et Processus Industriels, Bluegreen Strategy Srl, Fit Consulting Srl

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Prof. Rod Franklin, PhD

Full Professor of Logistics Practice & Academic Director of Executive Education