Extension of the Application Deadline to the 15th of August

Good news. We extended our application deadline for you until August 15, 2024

For more information reach out to study@klu.org.

MBA in Leadership and
Supply Chain Management (part-time)

MBA in Leadership and
Supply Chain Management (part-time)

Our part-time MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management is a practice-oriented program that consists of team- and case-based learning and focuses on training managers with an interdisciplinary approach.

Experience the advantages of studying at Kühne Logistics University – with its interactive learning environment, immersive learning with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, international exposure, and strong connections to the business world. We prepare you for leadership roles within your organization next to your full-time job!

Application dates

  • Start of application period: November 1
  • 10% "Early Bird" discount deadline: February 29
  • Application deadline: July 31 (Extended to the 15th of August)
  • Scholarship application deadline: July 31
  • Start of the program: September 05

Academic Calendar:

  • Click here to download the academic calendar for MBA26.

Admission requirements

  • A bachelor's degree with at least 180 ECTS or its equivalent from a recognized university or college. We welcome applicants from all fields of study.
    • If you don't have a bachelor's degree, no worries – you can still be eligible for admission by submitting a GMAT Test (Graduate Management Admission Test).
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience (managerial experience recommended but it is not a must).
  • English proficiency is proven by TOEFL (IBT 90), IELTS (Band 6.5), CAE/CPE (grade C) or equivalent certificate (not older than 2 years at the time of submitting the application). Please name KLU if possible, when registering for a test (TOEFL institutional code is 7373).
    • Candidates who have at least 2 years of professional experience in a company with English as its official working language can apply for an English test waiver. The proof must not be older than 2 years and must be officially issued by the company.
  • Personal interview with the Academic Director.

Admission Process

  • Please download the application documents below and apply online via the "apply now" button to proceed with your application via our online application platform;
  • An application will be considered as soon as we have received all the required documents. The Admissions Department checks each incoming application to determine whether the admission requirements are met;
  • You will have a short interview with the Academic Director to evaluate your personal and professional development to access your potential for leadership;
  • You will be notified of the Admission Committee’s decision promptly (6 – 8 weeks).

Application documents

Please download the following documents that are necessary for your application process as soon as you apply via our online application platform:

Confirmation of work experience
Employer's statement
Reference Form A*
Reference Form B*
Reference Form C*

Please note: Your application will be considered, once you submit your final application and documents via the application platform.

Our Admissions Department will then get in touch with you to support you through the rest of the application process.

*Two Reference Forms have to be filled out by an individual who has direct knowledge of your work experience (e.g. your supervisor, (senior) colleague). The third Reference Form has to be filled out by an individual who has direct knowledge of your personal motivation (e.g. a close friend, a former fellow student, a professor from university).

The eighteen-month part-time program combines classroom learning and team projects, including two international trips for cross-cultural insights. The curriculum spans broad strategic perspectives to detailed tactical issues in operational management, covering key business administration areas. The courses delivered align with KLU’s key competence areas: Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship & Value Creation.

The program is composed of nine modules, including the capstone project:

  • Business in a Global Economy

Understanding the macroeconomic framework is one of the key factors for firm success. Opening with core knowledge about macroeconomic variables each manager should know, this module will then concentrate on the international elements of macroeconomics. For instance, the role of our national saving for trade deficits or surpluses is discussed as well as international capital flows and multinational enterprises. We will close this course with an expert analysis of foreign exchange markets and the strategies how to hedge again currency fluctuations.

  • International Macroeconomics and Game Theory

In many real-world setups, your success will not only depend on your own decision making, but also on the decisions of other ‘players’. Players may be competing firms, bidders in an auction, politicians, nations, or sportsmen. Game Theory is about understanding and analyzing problems where opponents with non-aligned interests are relevant for your success. This modern field of science does not close with the analysis of a specific problem, but also provides valuable tools for selecting strategies which are good for your outcome of a game you play.

Program Highlight

  • Managing Diversity and Handling Interpersonal Conflicts

Decisions related to personnel, organization divestitures, mergers, acquisitions, new markets, etc. may entail difficult human relations issues on various levels and for various reasons. In this course you learn how to properly identify difficult human relations issues and how to deal with them constructively. Additionally, we will focus on one aspect that has great potential but also just as much risk for conflict: Diversity. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of diversity at work, including the conditions that can render diversity a competitive advantage. Specifically, we will cover how to first build diverse workforces (spanning from demographic diversity to diversity in thoughts) and secondly how to create a culture of inclusion. 

Program highlight, interactive, reflective

  • Competitive Strategy in a World of Constraints

The interplay of organizations competing in a market for customer attention leads to competition and constraints. The competition requires an understanding of the interactions of entities and the development of strategies to counter, block, or oppose the movements of competitors so that an organization can achieve its goals. You will be provided with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to develop and critically reflect on strategies that allow your organization to compete globally.

Hot Topic

  • Finance and Accounting Across Borders

In the beginning you will recapture the fundamentals of accounting such as the accounting equation. Based on this, you will learn to better understand the language of business, which is accounting. Specifically, you will be enabled to better read and interpret financial statements such as the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement. You will further get to know the most important international financial accounting standards that govern the decision-making processes of international companies.

Program Highlight

  • Mastering Win/Lose & Win/Win Negotiations

You will be introduced to the wider domain of distributive (win/lose) and integrative (win/win) negotiations. Topics, among others, will include issues such as employing softball and hardball tactics, subtle psychological strategies, and counterstrategies, and crafting one's communication more deliberately including the particularities of negotiations in the online space. The win/win section draw the fine line between integrative negotiators and compromising negotiators. It will focus on how to build rapport but also concrete communication techniques to tease out interests and inspire creativity. 

Highly interactive

  • Global Organization Design

Proper organization structure is necessary if a global strategy is to be effectively implemented and sustainable value created for stakeholders. This module provides you with the tools and frameworks needed to properly turn their strategies into appropriate organizational structures that not only can implement the strategy but can create long-term, sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Highly interactive

  • Financial Management for Sustainable Value

The overall aim is that you will be enabled to make better business decisions based on information that stems from the planning and controlling of financial performance. Specifically, you will be equipped with a toolbox of concepts such as relevant costs, break-even analysis, net present value calculations, budgeting, and performance measurement systems. Creating sustainable value will entail that you will not only focus on financial metrics, but also understand the necessity, but also the challenges when integrating non-financial metrics into the performance measurement systems of companies.

Program highlight

  • Learning Organizations

Against macro trends such as digitalization and current disruptions, organizations and individuals within organizations are challenged to build up new capabilities. Life-long learning is not only an impediment for individuals, but organizations need to continuously monitor and adjust their capabilities to stay competitive. For doing so, organizations need to move beyond formal learning by implementing informal learning formats and making continuous learning a habit throughout the organization.

You will learn why developing organizations and their employees that continuously learn from their environments is critical for organizational success in today’s complex and ever-changing world.

Hot topic

  • Innovation and Sustainable New Product Development

Long-term value creation only occurs if an organization can consistently develop new and valuable products for its customers and society. Unfortunately, developing new products is a challenging endeavor fraught with many uncertainties and complexities.  

Firstly, we will address how organizations develop innovative ideas and how they bring those ideas to the market. The course will first focus on how to develop innovative products that are more sustainable through improved circularity.

Hot topic

  • Voice of the Customer-Driven Marketing and Sales

You will learn in this course about what customers truly need, and how you can develop strategies and innovative ideas to fulfill those needs and do so in a manner that is both sustainable from an ongoing process perspective and from an environmental perspective. Organizations must properly market their newly developed products and services so that target customers are aware of their benefits. So, you will learn to structure your marketing mix, develop sales strategies appropriate for your products and customers, actively manage your customer relationships over time and develop awareness and branding.

Highly interactive

  • Developing Personal Resilience and Well-being in Organizations

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of personal resilience and physical as well as mental well-being in organizations. Therefore, you will also learn that not only do you need to understand how to stay resilient and healthy, but also how you can support your subordinates’ resilience and health. Additionally, we will learn relaxation techniques and how healthy work environments and work designs can be fostered in organizations.

Hot topic

  • Information and Communications Technology for Supply Chain Management

In this course you will be introduced to the role of hardware and software in an organization and explore the foundations of data science and machine learning. You will be exposed to decision making using data science and analytics and we will discuss where to use data science and how to develop a strategy for your organization. Lastly a discussion on the challenges and opportunities as well as the recent field developments will take place.   

  • Supply Chain Design

Large international organizations today are quite different from the businesses that operated as recently as 50 years ago. No longer do businesses manage tightly coupled, vertically integrated, operations that provide the raw materials and subassemblies necessary for the finished products or services that the organization sells. Today’s international organization outsources to numerous suppliers and subsidiary organizations the production of the raw materials and subcomponents that the organization assembles into final products and services.  

Managing highly dispersed and complex web of production and distribution requires sophisticated information systems. These technologies and systems are evolving rapidly, consequently, you will be introduced to the latest technologies and systems that are being employed to manage supply chain operations today so that the designs they develop can be managed efficiently and effectively.  

  • Conducting Real-World Research

Fact based decision making requires good analytical skills. This course will prepare you for conducting research for the capstone thesis project as well as for analyzing business problems after graduation. The course comprises both aspects of data collection (with a focus on survey methods) as well as data analysis (with a focus on approaches to make use of “big data”). 

Support for your master thesis 

  • Humanitarian Logistics: Operating in a Volatile World

Today’s volatile world, coupled with the impacts of global warming, has created ever-increasing demand for humanitarian response and aid. You will be introduced to the complex nature of supply chain operations in responding to humanitarian crises, how to manage supplier relationships effectively, and how to manage across organizational functions to achieve objectives that require collaboration. In addition, you will learn that the complexities and risks faced in operating in humanitarian crises are like those that an organization faces when having to respond to supply chain disruptions. The tools and techniques to operate in a resilient manner in one domain are demonstrated to be applicable to all domains through examples and discussions.  

Hot topic, simulation game 

  • Cooperative Procurement and Supply Management

Purchasing and supplier management (PSM) is on the agenda of management today. Top purchasing managers have moved up to CEO positions in companies such as Apple or Volkswagen. This course includes a study of foundational and advanced approaches used in the PSM process within modern companies. You will learn how to design and implement purchasing strategies, processes, structures, and systems, and how to structure and manage supplier portfolios and buyer-supplier relationships to meet firms’ supply needs. In practice, there is an increasing emphasis on outside-in innovation from the upstream supply chain. Therefore, it will be presented how startups or entrepreneurial ventures become suppliers to established firms, respectively how established buying firms can tap the benefits offered by startup suppliers.  

  • Managing Cross-Functional Operations

High-performing supply chains require extensive collaboration and coordination of various stakeholders within an organization (i.e., sales, purchasing, operations, and the executive level) as well as from the outside of the organization, i.e., to suppliers and customers. All business processes and activities should be set up in a way to achieve a well-defined overall mission and/or vision of the organization. In practice, such collaboration and coordination are very often rather complex and difficult to achieve. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how decentral organized supply chains interact within and across organizations, and how silo-based decision-making affects the overall business performance.

Simulation game, highly interactive 

Study Trip - Universidad de los Andes Bogotá, Colombia and leadership reflection

You will experience insights into how supply chains, logistics operations, leadership, and business, in general, are conducted in Bogotá, Colombia. During this visit, you will be required to compare the country’s approach to business, leadership, and supply chain operations with your own knowledge of how these areas are operated in your home countries.

Program highlight, interactive, reflective

Includes a Practical Day from outstanding industry experts on relevant logistics and management topics, as well as the international study trip to the Universidad de los Andes School of Management in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Creating Impact with Supply Chain Management

General managers who delegate their oversight of operations to “technical experts” risk doing major damage to their companies. Understanding operations means understanding processes. Not only do these processes produce the goods and services sold, but they also exist to operate the company. Every corner of the company is affected by processes. This course will first examine some of the key elements of processes, be they in either the manufacturing or the service realm or behind the scenes in company internal operations. We will then study what it takes for processes to become productive, in any kind of context.

  • Lean Management: Increasing Operations Value

The day-to-day operation of the logistics and supply chain functions in a modern international company requires a sophisticated understanding of not only the underlying execution processes of the operations but of the impact of these operations on the environment.  

This course will provide you with the skills to lead, implement and operate lean and efficient logistics operations. To help you lead the change efforts required to enable their organization’s operations to sustainably provide value to customers and society, the course will introduce you to processes, frameworks, and tools that motivate individuals to change and that enable you to effectively lead these efforts.  

Virtual reality  

  • Leading Through Organizational Change & Motivating People

In a VUCA world, change is inevitable. However, strategic change initiatives that may look good on paper, often prove to be a Herculean task in practice. In this course, we cover the principles of change management from a behavioral point of view. Additionally, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of human motivation. In doing so, participants will start on their journey to understand what motivates them at work and why anyone should follow their leadership. These insights will then be used to strengthen motivational messages tailored to respective audiences.  

Reflective, highly interactive 

Study Trip - OSU Columbus, Ohio and leadership reflection  

On the second international study trip, you will experience insights into how supply chains, logistics operations, leadership, and business, in general, are conducted in Columbus, Ohio, USA. During this visit, you will be required as well to compare the country’s approach to business, leadership, and supply chain operations with your own knowledge of how these areas are operated in your home countries.

Program highlight, interactive, reflective 

Includes the international study trip to the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University in Ohio, U.S.A.

  • Transportation Management

The lecture aims to give insights on some key challenges in Transport Management. It will first deliver an overview on latest developments looking at sectoral/statistical reports and discussing new innovations and business models in the market. We will then dive into the traditional mode choice discussion using an interactive case study on intermodal transport. The next part then covers transport costs which are driven by Economies of Scale. A simulation will provide an understanding why collaboration and cost sharing is a challenging task in this context. Finally, we will discuss regulation, which traditionally is important in this sector, especially in times where sustainability becomes important for society. A case study on regulation in the (rail) network industry will make this tangible.  

Simulation game 

  • Intelligence Business Process Automation

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of AI and robotic process automation. Firstly, with a discussion on how intelligent robotic automation is transforming work processes and businesses. We will then dive into identifying processes ripe for automation and estimate its business value. Finally, we will discuss what are the main stages of the typical enterprise automation journey.  

Hot topic 

  • Ethical and Values-Based Leadership

While being exposed to the complexities of international operations and goods movements from a management perspective is important to understand the potential ethical issues that often arise when operating across borders and cultures. You will be introduced to frameworks, tools, and techniques to understand when they are facing an ethical dilemma and how they should, could, or must respond in the face of the dilemma. The course also integrates a reflection on your own leadership style, leadership skills such as storytelling and empathetic communication and you will be encouraged to prepare a development plan based on your core values.   

Highly interactive, reflective 

The MBA Thesis is the final paper that completes the program. It is designed to demonstrate that you can work independently on a topic from your subject area using academic methods within a set period. You will be free to select a topic related to the study program or to focus on a work-related project. 

Our program offers a unique opportunity to benefit from world-class expertise through international study trips*. These trips provide an immersive exploration of supply chains, logistics, leadership, and the broader business landscape, featuring conferences, corporate visits, and leadership workshops.

Students partake in two 1-week study trips at esteemed partner institutions – Universidad de los Andes School of Management in Bogotá, a top-ranking university in Latin America, and Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University, recognized globally as a hub for supply chain and distribution excellence.

These experiences foster the enhancement of global and intercultural business skills. Engaging with local businesses, exchanging ideas with industry experts, and reflecting on intercultural encounters are integral components of these trips. A post-session in Hamburg further facilitates reflection, encouraging students to maintain a journal to solidify the connection between theory and practice throughout their profound learning journey.

*The study trips are entirely organized by KLU, and expenses regarding teaching materials, hotel, company excursions, most meals, and social activities are covered. Please kindly note that costs regarding flights and visa arrangements are not covered. The Program Manager will provide you with all the important information for your preparations. Please make sure that you book your flights and apply for your visa (if required) well in advance. Both study trips are fully recognized as educational leave (in Germany). We will provide you with the relevant confirmation.

What's in it for you?


As part of the MBA program, you will acquire practical knowledge and skills enabling you to:  

  • Take on leadership roles in global businesses with complex international operations. 
  • Develop effective corporate and supply chain strategies for competitive success in international markets. 
  • Analyze intricate business problems and effectively apply management practices and principles to these challenges. 
  • Understand the complexities of intercultural cooperation to ensure effective interactions with international subsidiaries and partners. 
  • Create innovative, sustainable, and profitable solutions to global operational issues. 
  • Approach new challenges with a well-rounded multidisciplinary perspective, enabling well-informed and holistic decision-making. 

In addition, as an alumnus, you will always be part of the KLU community for exchange and lifelong learning. 


Companies will benefit from having employees who can: 

  • Effectively manage and lead international business activities with complex challenges. 
  • Develop and implement effective corporate and supply chain strategies for your company. 
  • Create and implement innovative solutions that are both profitable and sustainable. 
  • Foster productive cooperation across diverse cultural and organizational contexts. 
  • Drive sustainable value creation that benefits your organization, society, and the employees themselves. 

Career Prospects


Which salary level can I expect?

Most KLU Leadership & SCM graduates are professionals that already have several years of experience and bring their career to the next level.

  • The current salary level of an MBA alumni is around 90.000$;
  • On average, an MBA alumni reported an increase in their salary by 20 % compared to when they started the program;
  • Like this the tuition fee is refinanced in a very short period of time.

In which industries do graduates work in?

Our Alumni work across a wide range of functions related to logistics and supply chain management, consulting, business development and sales, automotive, computer software, maritime & shipping industry as well as in logistics & transportation. 

Our Alumni work across a wide range of functions in following industry sectors:

In which companies do graduates from the Leadership & SCM MBA work?

Your degree from the KLU will certainly be career boosting. Alumni from our programs work for Otto Group, Hapag-Lloyd AG, Hamburg Süd, Accenture GmbH, Airbus S.A.S., BASF, Beiersdorf AG, DB Schenker - Rail, EADS Group, IBM Group, Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Lufthansa Group, Siemens, Vattenfall Wind Power or Anheuser-Bush.


  • 18 months part-time MBA program: € 31,750
  • Your tuition fees cover tuition and services, including all course materials, on-campus IT services, and access to the library. Further, during the study trips to the Ohio State University and the Universidad de los Andes School of Management in Bogotá, teaching materials, hotel stays, excursions, and supporting program as well as meals are included.
  • The tuition fees do not include the travel costs or personal expenses.
  • As an alumnus or alumna you get a 20% loyalty discount on the tuition fee.
  • Feel free to contact us for tailored company arrangements.


KLU offers a variety of scholarships for MBA applicants.

  • If your company is a member of the networks AGA, BVL or LIHH, KLU offers one 50% scholarship each, that you can apply for. Get in touch with your HR department if you are if you are uncertain whether you are a member.
  • Graduates from Common Purpose programs are offered a 50 % scholarship. If you’ve completed one of the programs, you can apply for this scholarship.
  • Furthermore, KLU offers a 50 % regional scholarship for applicants from developing countries who plan on working in their home countries upon completion of their studies, as well as a 50 % scholarship for applicants who work in the humanitarian sector for NGO’s. We offer a 50% scholarship for women who are taking or have just taken the next step in their professional careers.
  • If you would like to apply for one of the above-mentioned scholarships, please submit the scholarship application form, a letter of motivation as well as a confirmation proving that you’re eligible for the scholarship you’re applying for.

Scholarship application

Application deadline for scholarships: July 31.

Please note: As we also have rolling admission, please apply as early as possible (otherwise the scholarship might be given away by the time you apply for it).

Also have a look at: 

Brain Capital
External Scholarships

Brain Capital is an innovative tuition financing concept. Students participating in these models do not or only partially pay tuition fees during their studies at KLU. However, they commit themselves to make income-dependent payments upon completion of their studies. The total amount of payments is linked to the income earned. The model is based on a solidarity principle: students with higher income repay more than students with lower income. There are limits for maximum annual and maximum total payments (about twice the tuition fee amount adjusted for inflation). 

Do read up on our blogpost: Brain Capital: The solidary financing that believes in your potential

Financing Schemes

There are different loan schemes to finance the cost of living. These primarily target German and EU nationals. Candidates of other nationalities are only eligible if they have a German baccalaureate (Abitur) and permanent residence status in Germany. 

Profile of our MBA Class 2025

Step into the future of learning...

...where you'll have the chance to explore cutting-edge concepts like Virtual Reality immersive learning. Our participants were guided through an experiential journey on a company assembly line, exploring lean principles in action during their MBA seminar on Implementing Lean Management Operations.

Victoria Meraz Serrano, our MBA Program Manager, shares the game-chaning reasons why our part-time MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management could be your next big move.

A student stands in front of the golden egg in the KLU foyer. She smiles into the camera.

Curious how to balance the MBA program with a full-time job and family life?

Read here about the experience of our MBA graduate Cecile Terraz (MBA Class 2020). 

26 questions with Michael Schneider

...a KLU MBA student from Germany (MBA in Leadership & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2022). 

MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management

Our part-time MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management is an exciting educational experience focused on preparing high potential professionals to become global leaders in supply chain operations and management. Find out why our students chose the program and how it helped them professionally and personally.

Ask our participants

Take the opportunity to get in touch with our students and find out first hand how the studies are like from their point of view by clicking on one of the profiles and writing a message to the student.

My experience as an MBA student at KLU goes far beyond my original expectations. The open discussions with the professors and the rest of the group make all the difference, as they are always enriching, challenging, and enjoyable! I am not only expanding my knowledge in Supply Chain, but I am also shaping the leader I aspire to be in the future.

Marta Balbastre Zuriaga, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2024

Tamme Bohlen in front of the golden egg in the KLU foyer.

The KLU MBA program not only focuses on intellectual development. Personal development also plays an important role. This program greatly succeeds in both.

Tamme Bohlen, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

Katrin Pompe in front of the golden egg in the KLU foyer.

The MBA program has had a lasting impact on my (professional) life. Approaching new topics with a necessary degree of curiosity, openness and determination was a very important experience and encourages you to meet new challenges with an open mind, both in professional and private life. This international study program was an absolute benefit for me personally. It has contributed a lot to my thinking and acting and I was able to get to know great fellow students. I am very grateful to have been able to study at such a great university, with a professional administration and such great professors.

Katrin Pompe, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

Felix Niemann in front of the golden egg in the KLU foyer.

The MBA program is a very good opportunity for those who want to leave their comfort zone and develop themselves further. The program provides an optimal foundation for this in terms of content, fellow students, professors and fun! I highly recommend the program.

Felix Niemann, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

Devanshi Dutta in front of the golden egg in the KLU foyer.

Choosing KLU was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. The MBA made my experience and knowledge grow so much. Even today I am connected with my classmates and I am using the gained knowledge in my constantly growing career path.

Devanshi Dutta, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

MBA 2021 Gunnar Graefer

Joining the MBA program at KLU was definitely the right decision for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in taking up an MBA. Why is that? Three reasons stood out for me: relevant and real-life topics that are taught by top academics or industry experts, fruitful and engaging discussions with co-students from across the globe and a setup of monthly study sessions in Hamburg that made it possible to attend while working full-time.

Gunnar Graefer, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

Mathias Dreier, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

This MBA is an attractive opportunity for anyone who seeks to reflect on previous work experience and to get ready for new challenges. Relevant and practical contents combined with a modern and open-minded university culture make this program a truly worthwhile experience.

Mathias Dreier, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

Mariusz Rutowicz, student MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2019

Thanks to the MBA program at KLU I’ve started to change my life – professionally in my career and also in my private life. The Intensive exchange during this international program has changed me, teaching me new hard skills but also critical thinking and an open-minded approach to everything.

Mariusz Rutowicz, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2019

Miriam Hartje, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

Many thanks for 18 inspiring months in which I was able to grow in so many ways. Great classmates, great professors, great & challenging sessions – all in all a decision I will never regret.

Miriam Hartje, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

Alexander Klute, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

I have excellent memories of the great times during my MBA at KLU. Everybody involved, the KLU staff, my fellow students and all the people we met on our 1.5-year journey made it an unforgettable experience.

Alexander Klute, MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

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