The Impact of Novel Ways of Collaborating in the Humanitarian Supply Chain

Zoom Research Seminar / 4th Floor Lecture 1

Past event — 14 June 2023

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Daan van Beek

PhD Candidate

Kühne Logistics University - KLU

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The UN estimates that only 57% of humanitarian needs were covered in 2022. Since the supply chain plays a big role (60-80% of the total operational costs), improvements in the humanitarian supply chain have a great potential to benefit those in need. Recent developments in supply chain collaboration of humanitarian organizations not only potentially yield benefits, but also pose significant risks. We combine a qualitative study with and agent-based modelling to gain insights in the domains of cooperative procurement, resource complementarity and disaster response coordination.


Daan van Beek started his PhD at Kühne Logistics University in April 2022. His research focuses on combining human behaviour with quantitative modelling efforts in the context of the humanitarian aid sector. His dissertation focuses on the risks and opportunities that are posed by novel strategies on collaboration between the supply chains of humanitarian organisations.



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Bärbel Wegener

Assistant to Resident Faculty