Perspectives on Change of Dominant Logic; From “Steel” to Added Value

On October, 26th, 2011 Dr. Bengt Ramberg, will give a lecture on the topic "Perspectives on Change of Dominant Logic; From “Steel” to Added Value". The lecture is open to the public. Space is limited, so please register ahead of time.

Past event — 26 October 2011

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Dr. Bengt Ramberg


Globalization, deregulation, logistics integration and increased focus on customer loyalty have reshaped the RoRo shipping industry. The maritime companies are challenged to redefine their functional role in the value chain for the sake of creating customer value and of ensuring the survival and growth of the company. Companies are busily trying to disrupt the status quo rather than preserving it. The individual RoRo companies tend to walk different paths on a quest for higher margins and increased customer satisfaction.
Customer loyalty over time should be investigated. The market situation since 2003 has been characterized by limited tonnage capacities in most trades. In such market the customers will buy all capacity which is available, independent of additional Value-Added Services offered. The real Profs of the success of Value-Added Services offered today might not be manifested before the market is more balanced with respect to available tonnage, or even more, will the customers be loyal to WWL, in a market characterized by overcapacity on the tonnage side.
From WWL’s customer surveys, it is obvious that the customers are very satisfied with the services provided. During a market with low capacity on the tonnage side, it is difficult to verify if the customers are loyal. Experience from the industry also shows that the customers “would like” additional services, but are not that willing to pay for them. The profitability from value added logistics services shows low profit margins, both within the container segment as well by the RoRo lines. Both for the container and RoRo lines, the main profit will always derive from the classic port-to-port operations.



Dr. Bengt Ramberg has had leading international industrial positions for 35 years (President, Vice President, General Manager…), primarily within maritime industries, logistics and supply chain management.
The last 12 years (1998-2009), before retiring, he served as Vice President Supply Chain Management with Wallenius-Wilhelmsen Logistics (Norway) in the company’s change from “Port-to-Port shipping”, into a “Global Door-to-Door logistics” company.
Dr. Ramberg has for more than 20 years held adjunct positions with BI Norwegian School of Management and Visiting Professor with several universities internationally.
As from January 2010 to August 2011, Professor in Maritime Studies with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Education: PhD, Strathclyde University (Glasgow),  The Maritime Industries Value Chain: Historical and Future Scenarios Perspectives; MBA, University of Wisconsin-Madison (US), Bachelor, BI Norwegian Business School (Norway).

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