Methodologies to handle increasing uncertainties in the metal supply chain

Zoom Research Seminar / 5th Floor EE Lecture 2

Past event — 30 March 2023

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Since the 2019 coronavirus pandemic at the latest, the severe consequences of disruption and uncertainty in supply chains have gained widespread attention, as the outbreak resulted in significant production losses and delivery delays worldwide. Evidently, the focus on efficiency improvements in previous decades (e.g., outsourcing, just-in-time practices and reduced inventory levels) has continuously increased the length and complexity of supply chains, leading to more fragile systems, and increasing risks and uncertainties for supply chain management. In this research, we address three current issues of risk management in the metal supply chain using different methodologies. This includes investigating the emerging copper recycling market using forecasting techniques, developing a framework for supply chain disruption from cyber risk through case studies, and exploring interval planning through experimentation.


Moritz Schümann joined the Kuehne Logistics University as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kai Hoberg in January 2022. Before starting his PhD, he was employed as Program Support and Program lead for several Supply Chain Digitization projects at Aurubis AG. The PhD project is also done in cooperation with the Aurubis AG. In his PhD, Moritz is executing different methodologies to manage emerging risks and uncertainties in the field of supply chain management. 



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Bärbel Wegener

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