Inaugural lecture of newly appointed professors: "If you want to build a ship…"

On Wednesday, 19 October, 2011, Niels Van Quaquebeke, Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior will give a lecture on the topic"If you want to build a ship…": How to communicate as a leader. The lecture is open to the public. Space is limited, so please register ahead of time.

Past event — 19 October 2011

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Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior & Head of Department of Leadership and Management

Kühne Logistics University - KLU

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Without followership there is no leadership. Question is: When will others follow you? The means, many superiors resort to, often rest on positional powers. By the use of punishments or rewards they get their subordinates to do what they want. These means, however, are rather indicative of management than of true leadership. Moreover, they are by and large ineffective and little sustainable. The alternative is to engage and mobilize subordinates. Engage them so that they become followers of the bigger idea, mobilize them so that they become active followers.
In my inaugural lecture, I will present two communication techniques that engage and mobilize others. In particular, I will span the arch from grand vision communication to small everyday communication in the form of question asking. In doing so, I will outline how leaders can create an image of the future that people can really relate to and I will illustrate how they can use communication to signal an appreciation that uplifts people from their petty daily preoccupations.
My talk rests upon some of the most up to date psychological thinking on leadership communication. I will present some data to support its validity as well as some concrete take away messages for practitioners and students alike.

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