Hours of service regulations in road freight transport

On April 19th, 2017 Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel will give a lecture on the topic "Hours of service regulations in road freight transport". The lecture is open to all members of the KLU.

Past event — 19 April 2017

Kühne Logistics University
Grosser Grasbrook 17, 20457 Hamburg, Room Forum

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Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel

Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Kühne Logistics University - KLU

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Driver fatigue is internationally recognized as a significant factor in approximately 15%–20% of commercial road transport crashes. In their efforts to increase road safety and improve working conditions of truck drivers, governments worldwide are enforcing stricter limits on the amount of working and driving time without rest. This talk shows how hours of service regulations can be considered when optimising vehicle routes and schedules. It presents effective optimisation methods for minimising transportation costs and assesses the impact of different hours of service regulations on transportation costs and road safety.


Asvin Goel is Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Kühne Logistics University and Adjunct Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Zaragoza Logistics Center in Spain. He holds academic degrees from the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Göttingen (Dipl.-Math.), from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Leipzig (Dr. rer. nat.), and from the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Business at the University of Halle-Wittenberg (Dr. rer. pol. habil.).

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