High performance of new logistics ventures

Past event — 8 May 2019

Kühne Logistics University
Grosser Grasbrook 17, 20457 Hamburg, Room EE Lecture 2

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Martin Schwemmer

Senior Consultant

Fraunhofer SCS, Germany


New ventures can have a crucial effect to infuse innovation into an industry. The research analyses, how new logistics ventures can reach high performance in a digitalizing environment.

Literature on the topic shows that academic research lacks contributions on new ventures in a logistics and supply chain services context and an according research stream could not be identified. Consequently, this research is the first attempt to contribute to the field of new ventures in the area of logistics and supply chain services. Desk research shows that the range of services of new logistics ventures is strongly related to the application of information and communication technology (ICT). So, digitalization occurs to be a driver which influences the emergence of new logistics ventures. An interview study according grounded theory principles reveals ten propositions for new digital logistics venture success. While the propositions can be supported individually, they are not supported in a logistics context. For linear regression and fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (fsqca) assessments, research models have been built to analyze the data which is about to be collected from a new logistics venture sample in Central Europe with an online survey. Fsqca is chosen as appropriate method as it is able to assess complex situations and configurations for venture success. The assessments shall reveal configurations of the research hypotheses which lead to new venture success.

The findings show how new ventures can enhance their performance to thrive and develop. Research identifies direct levers for successful performance enhancements. This knowledge can directly be applied by new logistics ventures in their first stages of existence.

The research contribution is twofold. First, the existing body of knowledge on logistics and supply chain management is supplemented with respect to entrepreneurship and new ventures in a digitalizing logistics environment. Second, the applied methods, grounded theory and fsqca are relatively new to this area of research and the contribution of these two methods is considered to be of high interest there.


Martin Schwemmer is Senior Consultant at Fraunhofer SCS, a research center for applied research on supply chain services. He is author of the TOP100 in logistics market surveys on the German and European logistics markets and researches logistics trends and structures in research projects for ministries as well as for public and for industrial partners since 2009. His studies on trends in logistics led to his dissertational research on logistics startups. Martin is PhD Candidate in Supply Chain Management at the University of Bamberg since 2017. In 2009 he graduated (Diploma) at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg with a focus on Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Statistics. In his Master Thesis (Diplomarbeit) he researched the profitability of logistics markets.

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Birgit Kappert

Program Manager