Dock & Talk: Stories from the Top

Follow your conviction

Past event — 15 May 2024

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Felix Ahlers



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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaplan

President, Managing Director & Professor of Digital Transformation

Kühne Logistics University

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What to expect

#2 Follow your conviction – with Felix Ahlers (FRoSTA)

Ever wondered about the power of dedication, conviction, and staying true to oneself amidst the pressures of helming a thriving company? Felix Ahlers, the visionary CEO of Frosta, has quite the tale to share. Taking over the family’s business, Felix realized that for Frosta to truly shine, a radical transformation of its business model was essential. Moving away from the race to the bottom with low-cost he pivoted towards a commitment to quality, choosing fresh ingredients and establishing a firm stance against any artificial ingredients. The path wasn't easy; Frosta's revenues dipped by up to 30 percent. But Felix's unwavering conviction guided the company through. Fast forward to today, and Frosta stands taller than ever, leading the market and setting standards.

In the second installment of “Dock & Talk – Stories From The Top”, our host, Prof. Andreas Kaplan, President of KLU, delves into this riveting journey. Mark your calendars for May 15th and get ready for an intimate session with Felix Ahlers himself. What does it take to stand firm in your beliefs, especially when the going gets tough? What defines true leadership? And when should you trust your instincts? Tune in to KLU’s special event for a unique opportunity to engage with one of Germany’s most inspirational leaders.

Join us at KLU’s campus in Hamburg’s Hafencity, enjoying the view among the rooftops and docks.

Dock & Talk: Stories From The Top

Welcome to the new event series presented by KLU, diving into the lives of those who’ve climbed to the top, using their view to change the world – and keen to share their journey with you!  

In each event, host and KLU president Prof. Andreas Kaplan welcomes a new guest for a personal chat about their story from the top. Join us and get first-hand insights and the chance to learn from the very best. With a view over the rooftops and the docks of Hamburg’s nearby port, KLU campus is the perfect location for this inspiring event.

Stay tuned for more Dock&Talk episodes, where we bring you the top stories and insights from the world of business. The next one will be in October 2024!


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Betina Sachsse

Event Manager