Corporate Responsibility at Otto Group: Sustainable Business as a Competitive Edge

On March 7th, 2012 Andreas Streubig (Otto Group) will give a lecture on the topic "Corporate Responsibility at Otto Group: Sustainable Business as a Competitive Edge". The lecture is open to the public. Space is limited, so please register ahead of time.

Past event — 7 March 2012

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Andreas Streubig

Associate Partner at Johanssen+Kretschmer, Owner of

Otto Group

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The Otto Group has a long and proven track record of integrating sustainability management into its core business. The lecture will cover the following main topics:

  • brief overview of key facts – what the Otto Group is about
  • situation and trends – what are the frame work conditions for sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • organization and strategy – CR enters core business
  • five CR Areas of Action – substance in daily business and pilot projects
  • target group specific communication – stakeholders and their communicative  needs


Andreas Streubig, born on 14 May 1968, joined the Otto Group (Hamburg) in 1993 after taking his degree in mathematics. 
His career was characterised by four very different stages – after managing various IT-related projects within the Sales department such as 'New Shop Process' and 'Call Center Management', he reorganised the processes and structures of various group companies as a Senior Manager in 'Internal Corporate Consulting' from 2001 onwards, and was also in charge for operational project control of the business process optimisation at Group Head Office in Hamburg.
His next position was Head of 'Import Control', where he was responsible from the beginning of 2005 for control of the worldwide importing organisation of the Otto Group in the most important source markets. He then became Head of "Environment and Social Policy" in June 2007, where he controlles the Group's activities in the field of 'Corporate Responsibility'. 
Andreas Streubig has been a guest speaker at various events in the textile and CR environment, e.g. at the German Retail Convention and the NRF convention in New York, and chairs the working group on "Sustainability in Logistics" of the Hamburg Logistics Initiative.

To register please send an email to: beate.linnenberg(at)

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