A critical look at MBA programmes

On April 10th, 2013 Prof. Dr. Matthias Hühn (Associate Dean of Programs and Adjunct Professor of Management) will give a lecture on the topic "A critical look at MBA programmes". The lecture is open to the public. Space is limited, so please register ahead of time.

Past event — 10 April 2013

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The inaugural lecture will take a critical look at the most successful academic programme of the last 50 years, the MBA. In particular it seeks to demonstrate how the syllabus, the pedagogy and the epistemological assumptions of MBA programs together make managers unable and unwilling to deal with ethics. It also argues that while the what (content) and the how (pedadgogy) play a very important role, it was only the emergence of a radical philosophical underpinning (the why) that has put management education on a negative trajectory. The lecture attempts to combine the output of three research streams (business ethics, pedagogy and epistemology) in order to gain new insights on how to improve business education.


Professor Matthias Hühn is Associate Dean of Programs and in this role responsible for growing KLU into an internationally renowned center of excellence for teaching. He started his career as an investment banker and then became a strategy consultant working for Accenture. His first academic positions were at two German universities of applied sciences. He then held professorial and managerial positions at several international universities and gained in-depth experience in very different university systems, among them the German, the British and the American. 
Professor Hühn enjoys the intellectual exchange in the classroom and designed specialised executive trainings (StrategyRefresher) for strategy consultants, among them Accenture, CapGemini and Theron. He also acts as a management coach, is on the advisory boards of start-ups, and acted as a director for the funds management company of Postbank AG. Moreover, he served the community as a justice of peace (Sozialrichter) and as a reserve officer in the German special operations division.
Professor Hühn’s research interests are wide and varied and include ethics, leadership, the role of entrepreneurial teams and epistemology.

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To register please send an email to:birgit.kappert(at)klu.org

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