Sustainable Product Development

Degree program: MBA

This course focuses on how organizations develop innovative ideas and how they bring those ideas to the market. As we live in a world where products are created to be replaced as frequently as possible instead of lasting long, we will focus on developing innovative products that are more sustainable through improved circularity. Circularity focuses on the resource’s aspect of sustainability. It is a holistic and futuristic way of thinking that considers the entire product lifespan and aims for a product to complete its purpose in a waste-free way. It is currently considered one of the most promising approaches to ensure sustainable development for society with minimal damage to our planet. Circular economy can be described as a model that aims to rethink the biological and technical systems of production, consumption, and afterlife to create a waste-free future. A more circular product design approaches this waste-free system from the perspective of creating tangible and intangible products and aims to apply design thinking to establish a sustainable cycle.

You should develop an understanding through this course of where innovative ideas come from; how these ideas are operationalized through physical products and services; what the leverage of product development on a product’s sustainability performance is; how the idea of a circular economy could change technical and biological material cycles; how products are reimagined through circular design principles; how circular products and supporting business models can be aligned.

Course facts

Offered byProf. Dr. Moritz Petersen