Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Degree program: MSc Logistics & SCM

The objective of this module is that students will be able to understand humans and human interaction in organization better, in particular the strengths and weaknesses of each. Students will find out about their own all too human side, and as a consequence, be able to differentiate strategies how to best or worst manage themselves and others in organizations. Across the whole module, students will be confronted with state of the art psychological and organizational research that will give them an improved understanding of different research methods and their application.

The other objective of the module is that students will understand what it takes to be a leader. Particularly, we will zoom in on personality aspects, behavior aspects, and aspects of interaction that determine whether someone will emerge and be successful as a leader. In that sense, this module seeks to instigate a reflection process within each student to deliberate what his or her personal leadership strengths and weaknesses are. As a consequence, they will discover in what kind of environments they will strive as leaders and which environments will provide more of a development challenge.

Specifically, the module will cover the following topics:

• OB on the individual level (e.g., self-concept, motivation, and learning)

• OB on the team level (e.g., group identity, decision making, and discrimination)

• OB on the organizational level (e.g., change processes and corporate culture)

• Leadership as an attitude

• Leadership as a personal disposition

• Leadership as a behavior

• Leadership as an identity process

• Leadership is a cognitive process

• Leadership as a responsibility

Course facts

Offered byProf. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke , Prof. Christian Tröster, PhD
ECTS credits5 Credit Points
Method of examinationWritten Exam 80%, Project work 20%