Outstanding: KLU Wins University Award

Hochschulpreis Güterverkehr Logistik Prof. Barrot gives a speech

Great honor for Kühne Logistics University (KLU): the private university has received the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure’s 2017 university award for freight transport and logistics (Hochschulpreis Güterverkehr und Logistik). Alexander Dobrindt, Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, conferred the high-profile award as part of the 7th National Conference on Freight Transport and Logistics in Munich. “The university award is an important element of the support program for young talent in the logistics sector. Thanks to its superbly qualified specialists, Germany is the world’s leading location for logistics. Kühne Logistics University has taken on the challenge of ongoing internationalization and prepares its students for jobs in a globally interconnected logistics world. The education there is practice-oriented and comprehensive,” said Dobrindt. Professor Christian Barrot, Dean of Programs, accepted the award on behalf of KLU.