FIBAA Premium Seal for KLU part-time MBA program

The MBA program in Leadership and Supply Chain Management at KLU has recently received the Premium Seal from the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) during its reaccreditation process. This is a remarkable achievement, as it is the first time that KLU's Executive Education program has received such distinction.

During the award ceremony held on campus, Dr. Birger Hendriks, former FIBAA General Manager, presented the premium certificate and emphasized the program's internationality, employability, and leadership focus. He also recognized the relationship and support provided by faculty and administration to the students.

MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management

The part-time MBA in Leadership and Supply Chain Management is a practical program that focuses on training interdisciplinary managers through team and case-based learning. The program includes two international trips for cross-cultural insights and covers key business administration areas, from broad strategic perspectives to detailed tactical issues in operational management. KLU's interactive learning environment, immersive learning with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, international exposure, and strong connections to the business world are some of the advantages of studying in this program.

FIBAA Premium Seal

FIBAA is the only accreditation agency that awards a premium seal for program accreditations. The Premium Seal highlights study programs that have proven themselves in practice and are characterized by excellent performance. In the case of KLU's part-time MBA Program, the Premium Seal recognizes its quality requirements, particularly in the integration of theory and practice, international orientation, consultation for prospective participants, administrative support for the participants, media and classroom facilities, and academic and teaching qualifications of professors.