Ce:VersA - More Circular economy in the automotive industry

Encory workshop instructors

With the goal of a Europe-wide platform for the return and remanufacturing of automotive components, partners from science and practice have combined their strengths in the field of circular economy. More recycling, more repairs instead of new goods - this is how the European automotive industry wants to advance environmental protection and save costs at the same time. KLU, Circularity e.V. and Encory GmbH join forces.

The partners are Kühne Logistics University (KLU), Do-Tank Circularity e.V. and Encory GmbH.

The aim of the joint project Ce:VersA - Circular Reverse Supply Chains in Automotives is to build a European alliance for more circular economy in the supply chain between automotive manufacturers (OEMs), component manufacturers (OESs) and logistics companies. In the so-called reverse supply chain, the collection, screening, control and distribution of automotive components for remanufacturing and recycling are to be organized across the industry and shared by all OEMs and OESs. All parties share full transparency of the location and processing status of their components at all times. This will not only save costs, but also keep valuable resources in the European cycle and promote environmental protection. With its focus on joint reverse logistics, Ce:Versa offers great potential in particular for reducing CO2 emissions along the value chain (Scope 3).

Kick-off workshop at KLU

A kick-off workshop with a curated selection of committed stakeholders from the entire automotive value chain, as well as representatives from academia and politics, will be held in spring 2023 on the campus of Kühne Logistics University to investigate and evaluate the opportunities for establishing such a joint Europe-wide reverse logistics platform. Proposed solutions will be developed, which will then be implemented jointly by the participants.

As a neutral partner and independent university, KLU is responsible for the scientific support and assumes the role of project coordination at Ce:Versa. The contact person and project manager at KLU is Prof. Dr. Johannes Meuer, Associate Professor for Sustainability Strategy and Operations and Director of KLU's Center for Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains.

Circularity brings to the Ce:Versa project its expertise in process design and workshop facilitation, in addition to many years of experience working with companies on Circular Economy transformations. The contact person for Ce:Versa at Circularity e.V. is Paula Petersen, founding member of Circularity.

As an innovative and experienced partner and solution provider, Encory has acquired a high level of process and system know-how to meet the complex requirements of its customers and partners. The contact person and project manager at Encory GmbH is Markus Lehner, Head of Project Management at Encory GmbH.

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