Booster Days at KLU

Booster Day at KLU

In the spirit of the Germany-wide #ZusammenGegenCorona (united against COVID-19) campaign, Kühne Logistics University (KLU) is once again supporting employees and students with a vaccination offer. Around 80 employees and family members already took advantage of this opportunity yesterday. Students will follow in early 2022, when the appropriate vaccine is available again.

“We are very happy that we’re able to make this offer to members of the KLU community once more,” Prof. Thomas Strothotte said. “Vaccinations are an essential tool in the fight against COVID and an indispensable component in overcoming the crisis. KLU thus proudly supports the campaign #ZusammenGegenCorona and encourages everyone who possibly can to get vaccinated.”

Temporary: KLU turns into university for vaccination logistics

KLU is setting an example by temporarily renaming itself Kühne Logistics University - Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Impflogistik und Unternehmensführung which can be translated into University for vaccination logistics and business management. In doing so, it is following 150 major German companies and brands in their pro vaccination campaign. They include family-owned companies as well as DAX corporations. Over 1,000 brands have joined the movement in the first four days.

Booster Offer for Students as soon as possible

“Vaccinations helped us allow on-campus teaching this semester for all students who were able to attend physically,” KLU’s Dean of Programs, Prof. Christian Barrot added. With the beginning of the fall semester, students were able to come back to campus under the 3G rule (recovered, vaccinated, or tested). “It’s good to see that all lecturers and more than 95% of our students are already vaccinated,” Prof. Barrot stated, “and we will also offer the option of getting a booster shot for our students at KLU early next year.” Unfortunately, students have to wait a bit longer, as the required Biontech vaccine for the age group under 30 is scarce these days. “Of course, we’re still extending the offer to attend our classes online, for example, in case students from abroad aren’t able to attend here, but also for students who live in households with vulnerable persons or who have to quarantine,” Barrot said.

COVID-related research at KLU

The topic of the corona pandemic also occupies research at KLU. One example are researchers at the KLU Center of Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development (CHORD) studying the impact of COVID-19 on health supply chains in the humanitarian aid sector (more information). The topic is also relevant in university studies. As a result, ten percent of final theses in 2021 were devoted to pandemic phenomenons.

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