In Germany, health insurance is compulsory not only for enrollment at university, but also for getting a residence permit. Students benefit from an accident insurance in Germany, although it may not cover all situations. And in Germany everyone is liable for damage done to a third party and for making good these claims. Therefore the information given below about the three different insurances is essential for all students.

Compulsory health insurance

In Germany all students are subject to compulsory health insurance. 
A proof of adequate health insurance cover is essential and required for enrollment at university as well as for getting a residence permit.

Interims period of travel

For the interim period of travel and enrollment at the KLU, you are strongly advised to purchase full medical travel insurance that will cover you through the first weeks of your stay in Germany.
Please check with the German embassy in your home country which insurance they recognize for the interims period of your travel and your visa application.

Students from the EU, including Norway

There is an European Union agreement which guarantees free medical treatment for EU citizens, including Norway, in Germany. Therefore students from these countries should contact the health department in their home country in order to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (which replaces E111 (B), E110, E119 and E128). It is imperative that your health insurance is valid for the whole period of studies; otherwise, please make sure that you are able to renew your insurance from Germany before its expiry date. If you are not covered by statutory health insurance, you must submit confirmation that your stay in Germany will be covered by private health insurance.

Students from other countries

Students from other countries that have an agreement with Germany regarding social security, including an insurance clause, can continue to be insured in their home countries. In order to be exempt from German health insurance you will need a confirmation from a local health insurance agency.

All other students

Students from other countries that don’t have an agreement with Germany regarding health insurance are required by law to take out a German student health insurance on arrival. Students who have spent less than 14 semesters studying at a university and who are under the age of 30 (with some exemptions) are eligible for the statutory health insurance scheme.

Please check further information about health insurance on the website by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Extended information can be found here.

KLU students find all relevant information and forms in the student intranet by KLU.


Who is insured

As a student you enjoy statutory accident insurance cover in accordance with the Social Security Code (SGB VII), provided that you are enrolled at a state-recognized university, college or university of applied science; provided that you are a doctoral or diploma candidate, attending preliminary or vacation courses, or that you are a registered guest student or extra-mural student.
You are insured free of charge, with the costs being covered by the German federal states. 

When are you insured?

As a student you are insured against accidents in circumstances such as the following:

  • While attending lectures and seminars,
  • During other activities for which the university is responsible, such as university revision courses, excursions,
  • While visiting university and state libraries,
  • During university sport,
  • On excursions to other countries that are organized by the university,
  • During activities connected with the student self-administration,
  • And on the way to and from them,
  • By the way, you are already insured on the way to register or enroll as a student!

In case of an accident in the exercise of any of these activities please inform the university immediately.

You are not insured during strictly private activities such as:

  • Studying at home,
  • During private study trips,
  • On private revision courses,
  • When you interrupt your journey to or from the university for private purposes, such as: shopping, make detours for private reasons or undertake private activities on university premises.

In Germany everyone is liable for damage done to a third party, and according to German law, a person who has been found responsible for damages is also responsible or liable for making good these claims.
There is almost nothing worse than financial ruin caused by excessive liability claims. Private persons can protect themselves against such legal claims by taking out a "Personal Liability Insurance Policy" also known as "Third Party Insurance" ("Haftpflichtversicherung" in German).
This protects you against claims from third-parties resulting from unintentionally caused damage. This policy covers claims resulting from everyday situations. Such situations may arise whether one is a guest, host, cyclist, pedestrian, shopper, for example - even if one is enjoying a hobby.
A personal liability insurance is beneficial for both the insured and the injured parties. On the one hand, it protects the wealth of the insured person against liability claims; on the other hand, it guarantees that the third party will still receive due compensation, even if the financial situation of the person to blame cannot pay.

  • A third-party insurance can cover any personal injury or property damage that you might accidentally cause.
  • It is therefore strongly advisable to take out a (family) third-party insurance ("Haftpflichtversicherung") for the duration of your stay (note that parents are liable for their children!). The costs for this insurance policy are fairly low and can range between €40 - €100 per year. Conditions are usually similar between providers.
  • When damage is due to severe negligence of your part, payments may be reduced or even refused.
  • Before taking out a German private liability insurance, you should check if you already have one that is valid internationally.
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