Welcome Indian applicants

Welcome Indian applicants

KLU grants this 2023 an extension of the application deadline for international students applying for our master’s programs until July 15th, 2023. Admitted candidates will be allowed to attend classes online during the first semester (see “online start for those with visa issues”). Students must be present on Campus as of the second semester. Students who are not able to attend classes at KLU Campus in Hamburg by the second semester will be granted a deferral of their remaining study program for the academic year 2024/25.

*If you are a prospective student of either Bachelor’s or Master’s program and you have European citizenship and/or reside in Germany or an EU-EEA country, please contact study@klu.org. You may be still able to apply until July 15th, 2023 as well.

Teaching takes place on campus. KLU understands the bureaucratical steps to get a student visa may take longer processing times in certain countries. All admitted students who have completed the admission processes (study contract signed + deposit paid) and who, due to delays in their visa processes, may not be able to start their studies on-site in Hamburg at the beginning of the fall semester 2023, will be given the opportunity to participate in events/courses online during the first semester of classes. This will allow some extra time to receive their visa and move to Hamburg.

Important information for applicants who need to submit an APS Certificate: It is mandatory to submit the APS Certificate before starting your studies on-campus at KLU. Online participation in the first semester is possible without the APS Certificate.


Indian student numbers in Germany continue to be on the rise and have doubled throughout the last five years. This is also true for KLU. In fact, they form the largest group of foreign / international students on our campus today. The Indian culture, your culture, is very much appreciated at KLU and adds to the overall diversity on our campus.

In order to cope with the many requests and to further guide Indian students on their pathway to KLU in Hamburg we have set up a website, which allows Indian Students to check if their qualifications fulfill our admission requirements and to get further information on our programs and life in Germany. Our Indian students support us in this and we will continue to build up further informational resources.

We understand that a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering has long been viewed as a prestigious education credential in India, where one of the basic admission requirements to our MSc programs is a degree in business, economics or management. We will still consider your engineering degree, if it contains a sufficient number of courses in business (at least four).

Germany is a safe country for all students. It has a strong economy and a robust job market. Many of our Indian graduates have decided to stay. Upon graduation students are legally entitled to work in Germany and allowed to stay 18 months to find the ideal job. Hamburg has frequently been voted one of the most livable cities in the world!

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Hamaidi Stulos

Student Recruitment & Marketing Manager (MSc Programs)

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Patricia Bendala

Student Recruitment & Marketing Manager (MSc Programs)

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Luyang Obertopp

Student Recruitment Manager

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Kendra Triblet

Student Recruitment Manager

FAQ Session with KLU's Indian Students

Pavan, Naresh, Onam, Veekshith, Shweta, Vrinda and Loksakshini answer frequently asked questions we receive from our Indian applicants! Am I eligible to study at KLU? What about the job market? How competitive is the selection process? Will I be considered with an engineering degree? Do I have to know German? Does KLU offer support in finding accommodation? Does KLU provide scholarships? What salaries can I expect upon graduation? Watch the video to find out!


Indian applicant FAQ

KLU offers two different master programs in the fields of logistics and management.

These master programs are consecutive master programs, meaning that they build on the content of a previous bachelor program and are designed to enhance and deepen the knowledge that has been acquired already during the bachelor studies.

We require a degree in the field of business, economics or management in order to be considered in the application process. We will consider other fields such as mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, business informatics, and mathematics if your bachelor's degree contains a sufficient number of courses in business (at least four).

Please note that with a bachelor's degree from a study field that is totally unrelated to business or economics, like Botany or Geography, it is rather unlikely to be considered in the application process.

There is a large amount of different grading schemes available within India. This is the reason why we will only provide you with the conversion of the most common Indian grading schemes.

10-point scale - minimum passing grade 4

10-point scale -minimum passing grade 5

Percentage - minimum passing grade 40%

* Please note that grading schemes/systems used at instituions of higher education may differ substantially. The conversion given in the documents is non-binding, as this grade conversion can only provide a general first estimation.

Please note, that there are multiple criteria in the eligibility check. An educated statement on your eligibility can only be made after you have submitted your complete application including all necesary documents (e.g. transcript of records, degree certificate). Usual KLU does not offer any pre-checks.

The information given on this landing page can only provide a first estimation and are non-binding.

KLU offers a limited number of performance-based scholarships for exceptional applicants for our BSc and MSc programs. Succesful applicants will receive a scholarship for the tuition fees for their entire program of 50-100%.

Please note that only admitted candidates will be considered in the application process for the merit-based scholarships.

You can get more information about KLU's merit-based scholarships on our dedicated scholarship website.

KLU does not offer any on-campus accommodation,unfortunately. 
If you look for accommodation in a student dorm ("Studierendenwerk") we would like to inform you that KLU offers rooms in two student dorms only: Kiwittsmoor and Rahlstedt. Student Services provides information for KLU students on how to apply in April/May of each year.

You can get further information about accommodation here.

We would like to stress that  KLU is a private, state-recognized university and subject to higher education legislation in Germany. KLU strictly conforms to principles and regulations established by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. All of our programs are accredited under the scheme of an Accreditation Council at national level. KLU has the high status of a University with a focus on research and is one of a few private universities in Germany which has the right to grant doctorates.

Please read up on our blog article 12 Terms to Start Understanding the German Higher Education System to get a further grip on our university system.

We understand that there are a few private universities in Germany which operate under a franchise model. These universities are often not German universities, they are not recognized German universities and they are not allowed to award German degrees. Sometimes these franchise models are questionable as the degree awarding university doesn't care much about the quality of its partner institution.

Applicants from non-EU/EEA countries* are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of € 50. Please transfer your application fee right after you have submitted your application. Your application will be processed after the application fee has been received.

*We offer application fee waivers for selected candidates who fulfill the following requirements:
- If you are holding a German Abitur (applying for BSc at KLU) or a German Bachelor degree (applying for MSc at KLU)
- If you come from a trusted agent, a high school counselor, or one of our partner universities (exchange)
- If you are an applicant with a degree from India, China or Vietnam who needs to apply for an APS Certificate

Please note that you must indicate this in your application to KLU. You can find a manual on how to do this here

The APS certificate must be submitted with your application to study at KLU and is a prerequisite for your visa application. It is proof of authenticity for Indian academic documents and it states the guiding eligibility criteria, which the German universities apply to the candidates while offering the students admission to the courses.

Important information for applicants who need to submit an APS Certificate: It is mandatory to submit the APS Certificate before starting your studies on-campus at KLU. Online participation in the first semester is possible without the APS Certificate.

Candidates who have not yet graduated with an Indian Bachelor’s degree and who are seeking admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in Germany are required to submit a TestAS score in addition to the APS certificate. TestAS has to be done in the field of studies the candidate wants to pursue his/her studies. For KLU, applicants have to do TestAS in Economics.

The TestAS must be submitted with the application for an APS certificate.

Admission tips from KLU student Veekshith

Veekshith is an alumni of the MSc Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management program. In this video he gives valuable tips for a successful application. Due to the corona situation this video was filmed with help of Zoom. 


73 questions

...with Veekshith Ravikumar, a former KLU Master’s student from India, Master of Science Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2022

Interviewed in a rapid-fire one-take production by Emily Dickey from the US, graduate of KLU's Tricontinental Master’s program in Global Supply Chain Managment Tricontinent, and a current doctoral student at KLU. 

Thanks to Kühne + Nagel for letting us film at their Warehouse in Hamburg, Obergeorgswerder.

KLU student Varunkumar

My goal was to improve my knowledge and skills in Supply Chain Management and KLU fit the requirement perfectly with its Excellent Professors and a well designed course structure. All In a logistics Hub like Hamburg my experience at KLU has been nothing short of exceptional and has given me a great perspective for the future.

Varunkumar Prathapam Srinivasan, Student MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2022

Veekshith Ravikumar

KLU taught me to look at supply chains from a global and multidimensional perspective, while studying in an international ecosystem. I’m indebted to all the staff and faculty for their compassionate support and making me feel home here at KLU and in Hamburg.

Veekshith Ravikumar, Student MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

Loksakshini Thirunavakarasu

For me, KLU is like a home far away from home. This is my first international educational experience, and it has been a wonderful journey. Here everyone feels included, and no one feels like a foreigner. We have grown into a family. I’m so glad that I made the choice to be a part of KLU.

Loksakshini Thirunavakarasu, Graduate MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2020

Nimisha Gopakumar

I came to KLU having substantial knowledge about logistics. The infinite potential this field holds is astonishing, and I am so grateful for having discovered humanitarian logistics. I think this is my greatest takeaway from the two years I spent in Hamburg. KLU opened doors of opportunities and even took me across countries to help restore humanity. Surprisingly, my career had just begun as I will be moving to the Middle East to help humanitarian organizations strengthen their supply chain with the knowledge I gained at KLU.

Nimisha Gopakumar, Graduate MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2019

Shweta Gaiki

Having worked for years in automotive supply chain management, I longed for enhancing my knowledge further and explore the diversity of logistics. KLU made this happen for me with the perfect course design and very competent but friendly professors, and I am once again ready to take a leap in my career. I can always count on KLU and that makes me feel guarded in a foreign country. I am grateful for every single experience at KLU.

Shweta Gaiki, Student in MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021

Career prospects

We understand that a lot of students rate post graduate career prospects among their top three college search information needs. You may want to explore profiles of our students and alumni on our LinkedIn University Page. One program that is unique and helps KLU students during their studies to pursue and manage their career goals is the Career & Professional Development Program.

Your degree from the KLU will certainly be career boosting. Alumni from our programs were hired for example by Accenture GmbH, Airbus S.A.S., BASF, Beiersdorf AG, DB Schenker - Rail, EADS Group, IBM Group, Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Lufthansa Group, Siemens, Vattenfall Wind Power or Anheuser-Bush.


KLU Alumni from India

Jayakrishan SreedharanLogo Deloitte

Jayakrishnan Sreedharan

Consultant, Deloitte

Stuttgart, Germany

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Sachin SalimathLogo Lotus Containers

Sachin Salimath

Senior Project Manager, LOTUS Containers Group

Hamburg, Germany

View profile
Naresh TamilselvamLogo OLYMPUS

Naresh Tamilselvam

Material Planner - Spare Parts Medical Devices, Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG

Hamburg, Germany

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Swapma Rajaram.Logo BEEMACS

Swapna Rajaram

SAP SCM Consultant, BEEMACS Digital Business Engineering

Hamburg, Germany

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Nimisha GopakumarLogo IOM

Nimisha Gopakumar

Shelter/NFI and Logistics Officer, International Organization for Migration

Geneva, Switzerland

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Suyash ShrivastavaLogo Siemens Gamesa

Suyash Shrivastava

Strategic Buyer - Logistics, Special Transport and Cranes, Siemens Gamesa

Hamburg, Germany

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Pooja SaunshimathLogo altran

Pooja Basavaraj Saunshimath

Procurement and Supply Chain Consultant, Altran

Hamburg, Germany

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