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When thinking about what your life would look like after studying business, it may come to mind the picture of a suit-and-tie businessman flying around in business class, or a high-level manager of a big tech or consulting company. Although those are definitely some examples, most businesspeople actually look very different. A young entrepreneur starting a small company with only herself and maybe another partner in it, a junior finance manager helping families with their domestic expenses or some investments… Even the owner of the flower store around the corner is a businessman! Every day new businesses open in all kinds of industries, from artsy video production to heavy industrial manufacturing, and they all need to be guided and developed by skilled administrative people. That’s why a bachelor’s in business is a solid base for almost all types of students to start developing their careers, with the possibility of specializing later in time with a master’s or through their working experience.

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The fellowship of the study case

Books have kept you good company so far in your student life, and let’s be honest, reading will still be an important part of your daily tasks. But when it comes to business, getting your hands dirty is as valuable as theoretical knowledge. Good for you, you don’t have to choose. Our bachelor’s teachers are top-class researchers and very connected with the reality of their industries. They bring all their expertise to the classroom, and you get to work in real case studies, practical projects, business simulations… Basically, they are your personal Gandalfs but much more handsome.

Having the knowledge to maximize the competitive advantages of a business is key but equally as important is knowing how to manage relationships. After all, you will work with people. Group assignments and role play dynamics in class prepare you for your future workplace (and maybe also kickstart your acting career!). Furthermore, at KLU you experience an international environment that is better adapted to the new reality of the global economy.  

The other rings of power

There are many aspects of a business, and your personality and skills are major factors in determining what the right position in the field is for you. Based on this, and on the needs of the business spectrum, KLU has designed several profiles or specializations.

  • The elves (International Management): equipped with the wisdom of what has been and what will be, the elves serve as guides to achieve the common good. In the same way, our students of the international management profile get the tools to become the leaders of the future. If your strength is people skills and you thrive working towards making some impact in an international economy, this is the path for you. Our graduates in this specialization tend to work later in consulting, project management, or start their own entrepreneurship.
  • The hobbits (Sustainability Management): no one is more connected to nature than the hobbits, with their beautiful green landscapes at the Shire. Although not given rings of power, the hobbits save the day in the end. That’s what they have in common with our sustainability students: they help to make this planet a better place to live in. Sustainability is a career with big prospects, as global warming and climate change threaten our current systems. Companies must adapt to the actual resources of our planet and our graduates will help guide them with ecological innovation, new systems in the manufacturing and supply chain, and reducing the impact of consumption on the Earth. Typical career paths include sustainability consulting and innovation management.
  • The dwarfs (Supply Chain Management): strong, determined, hard-working, and smart, the dwarfs are good at creating and retaining wealth. Just like them, our students of this profile apply their analytical skills to improve the supply chain. The supply chain follows the cycle of a product from its manufacturing to its final delivery to the client, and many processes are involved. Each one of them is a broad field open to innovations (including the latest technologies like AI or Blockchain among others) which can result in big competitive advantages. And since every industry has supply chains, you can access whichever suits your interests best, from fashion to aviation, from construction to interior design. Most commonly our graduates keep consistent in positions of supply chain management. 
  • The humans (Digital Management & Innovation): the adaptability and willpower of humans make them capable of turning the impossible into the possible. With their analytical skills and their techy talent, our students of digital management shape the structures of the next generations. Their work helps companies to take better decisions based on data, better understand the needs of their clients, and innovate their products and services to evolve together with technological advances. Data analysts, product managers, and merger & acquisitions consultants are among the career paths they take.

We don’t admit orcs! They are ugly and want to destroy the world.

The many paths to Mount Doom

Still not sure about a specialization? That’s all right. You are just starting your study program, and no one is expecting that you have it all figured out at the moment. University is a time to grow personally as much as it is to learn new skills. These steps will bring you closer to your goals in life (which by the way, it’s also very ok if you don’t have your goals clear just yet). 
A good thing about the Bachelor’s in Business at KLU is that you can start your studies on a more general path. From the very first semester our Career Services colleagues will help you to get to know yourself and discover what drives you and what you are good at so that you can more confidently choose the right path for you. Since you are developing, find the skills you are missing and work on them. As we explained in this article, our Career Development program will provide you with the tools to find your motivations and reinvent your career any time you need for the rest of your life.

The end of the journey… a new beginning

After walking all your way through the Middle-Earth (aka 3 years of a study program, with one internship and one semester abroad in Rivendell to recover strength) you’ll reach graduation. Behind you a ton of memories, a good bunch of assignments, fun classes, and a beautifully printed bachelor’s thesis. And ahead, your new career. For this, the best advice from our career services is: “There is no limit! Don't box yourself in!”

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