Student Life

Student Life

One thing that sets KLU apart from other universities and business schools is its vibrant feeling of family and community spirit. The university hosts several student clubs, events, and extracurricular activities that are crucial components of both your professional and personal growth.
Actively engaging in social activities in the community not only offers KLU students the opportunity to make connections and further enjoy the student experience, but it is also highly valued by employers. Including a voluntary experience in your resume adds proof of your initiative, commitment, and development of soft skills that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Last but not least, Hamburg offers a broad variety of cultural events and additional things to do.

KLU is a special community with a strong team spirit created by its students, staff and faculty. Discover the various activities possible – from student clubs, to events, sports and more!

At KLU, we believe that a strong operations mindset is your key to success. All our programs will teach you how to acquire such a mindset and strengthen the skills that allow you to excel in your future career.

Almost everything that you see around you is brought to you by a supply chain. Logistics and SCM do permeate everything. Why is that the case? And how can you use it to make a positive and sustainable impact in this world?


A wide range of events take place at KLU during the academic year. Several of them are (co-) organized by our students. Examples of our regular events include in-house recruiting fairs, our boot camps on various topics such as AI and big data, of course the graduation ceremony, and many more. Your time at KLU will doubtlessly be filled with memorable moments to create a unique life experience.

Check out these examples, providing a first glimpse of what is happening at KLU!


Sports activities have a very special place at KLU since they build team spirit, camaraderie, and a feeling of community. We even have our own program for high-potential athletes

Next to working out in our own gym on campus, you have the possibility to, e.g., play basketball or train together with fellow-students to participate in Hamburg's university regatta in KLU's very own dragon boat!

Student Clubs

Belonging to a student club is not only a great way to meet peers of other specializations and programs but also a valuable experience to grow your professional profile and personal life. Whether you’d like to have a first experience in consulting in our student consultancy Advisupply, connect with key professionals in the industry as member of UniKonnect, you want to empower female leaders in our Women in Business club, or you are the sporty one to row in our Dragon Boat, you’ll find the right club for you. And if it doesn’t exist yet, create it! KLU will support you!


Hamburg has recurrently been voted one of the world's most livable cities and offers a great work-life balance. 

As Germany's second biggest city, Hamburg is considered Germany's Gateway to the World. This description of Hamburg is, among others, due to its buzzing port, the biggest in Germany and one of the biggest in the world. KLU is located right in the heart of Hamburg's Harbour City, the so-called HafenCity with its main landmark, the world-famous Elbphilharmonie concert hall. At KLU, you will definitely study with a view!

Over centuries Hamburg has become a strong and highly dynamic business hub for Europe and beyond. As a result, Hamburg's citizens are resolutely international in their outlook, with most of them speaking English. You will easily get around town. 

As a world metropole should do, Hamburg features a broad cultural spectrum and is highly popular among German and non-German students. The nightlife in Hamburg is diverse. The city is a venue for fabulous festivals and offers everything from relaxing cafes to trendy bars in various districts, each with its own flair.