Gifted Education

Gifted Education

Gifted Education Institutions

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports 13 institutions for gifted education that give scholarships to young people whose talent and personality indicate that they will be outstanding at university and in their professions, and take on social responsibility as well.

Scholarships holders of one of the gifted education institutions supported by the BMBF have an excellent track record at KLU and are highly thought of by our faculty. They engage in different activities on and off campus, and are excellent students who are able to critically reflect theories, methodologies and strategies taught in class to the real business world. They can apply for a full tuition fee waiver at KLU if they are part of the institution before their studies and fulfill the KLU merit-based scholarship requirements.

There are two ways to become a scholarship holder of an institution for gifted education and study at KLU: you can apply to an institution yourself, like Kenneth, or KLU Faculty supports you in finding the right institution for you, like Philipp.

How to receive a gifted education award

If you are a scholarship holder of one of the 13 institutions for gifted education and fulfill our requirements for KLU merit-based scholarships (admission at KLU and minimum academic performance of 1.5 overall GPA), please fill in the KLU award application form and attach an approval letter of the respective institution. 

Please send the application and the confirmation to by July 15th, at the latest. 

Important: To receive a Gifted Education Award you need to be an approved scholarship recipient of one of the institutions above before your start your studies at KLU (i.e. before September 01st). 

Hear it from the KLU Students & Faculty

Alexander Himme, Associate Professor of Management Accounting

It is very important to us to identify and support eligible students. To this end, we organize regular information and get-together events. At these events, students and professors who are themselves current members or alumni of a foundation share their experiences with potential applicants. In addition, professors specifically recommend students for foundations and are available to assist students with the application process.

Prof. Alexander Himme - Associate Professor of Management Accounting

Ms. Olivia

The KLU Merit Scholarship and the FES Scholarship largely contributed to my successful studies at KLU. Both scholarships provided me with a lot of (financial) support, encouragement and opportunities during my studies. Through the large FES and KLU networks I was always able to exchange ideas with like-minded students and alumni and learn from them. For me, the scholarships are absolutely enriching and I would like to encourage everyone to apply. 

Olivia Cardenal, Graduate BSc in Business Administration, Class of 2020

Prof. Dr. Franziska Lauenstein Assistant Professor in Strategy

Our mission at KLU is to identify and support top talents among our students. Selection criteria are responsibility and performance, i.e. students who take on challenges beyond the university halls and excel in their (academic) endeavours. As a result, every year about 5% of our students are successful in securing a scholarship with one of Germany’s 14 gifted scholarship foundations, which not only comes with a nice financial stipend but also gives access to high-caliber networks for a lifetime. They are an extension of the KLU family, where we look out for those who dare to dream bigger.

Prof. Niels Van Quaquebeke - Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior & Head of Department of Leadership and Management

Jakob Stary

Being a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes connected me to a network of engaged students, alumni, as well as professors and enabled me to gain insights from different fields. The Studienstiftung helped me to grow personally and professionally through a wide offer of workshops, events, and language courses. Through the gifted education program, KLU enabled me to study at this excellent business school with a focus on logistics. I am grateful for the opportunity to follow a high-class program at an outstanding university in the heart of Hamburg.

Jakob Stary, Student MSc in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Class of 2021