Warehousing and Intra-logistics

Degree program: MSc Logistics & SCM

This class will focus on the key engineering and managerial aspects of warehouse and intra-logistics operations. The objective of the class will be to introduce attendees to the multiple dimensions of warehouse engineering, operational improvement, automation, internal transport/logistics and management of these operations.

Topics the module may include are:

• Warehouse types and use cases

• Functions within a warehouse (key characteristics, performance

parameters, design requirements and analytical processes)

• Technical systems within a warehouse (like conveyer systems)

• Facility and process design alternatives

• Planning of material flows

• Production control and management

• Demand and Resource planning

• Quality Management

• Automatisation options

• Industry 4.0

• Concepts of operational improvement (lean, six sigma, 5S, …)

Course facts

Offered byProf. Dr. Hanno Friedrich
ECTS credits5
Method of examinationAssignment/Case Study (50%) Written Exam (50%)