Practice Report

Degree programs: MSc Management, MSc Logistics & SCM

The objective is to link skills & knowledge learned in KLU modules to applications in practice to facilitate employment relevant to one’s course of study or (for students already in an (part-time) employment) to convert that experience into career advancement, respectively.

Students participate in a preparatory course which covers the following topics:

• Self-assessment of aptitudes, interests, competencies

• Understanding the different perspectives in the hiring process

• Researching employment opportunities and networking

• Making and refining an effective Curriculum Vitae

• Presenting an effective self-promotion in writing and verbally

Based on these inputs, the students should compile a practice report, which includes a written self-assessment, a written career options plan, a written job search plan, and the outcome of an informational interview with a professional in one’s target field or employer.

Career Services offers various types of support, including consultation meetings, CV and cover letter reviews, practice interviews, document and multi-media resources, an internal job-board and networking events.

Course facts

Offered by Anne Rehmet
ECTS credits25
Method of examinationPractice Report (Project Work, 100 %)