Global Trends in Human Resource Management

Degree program: MSc Management

Human Resource Management is the basis of all management activity. While also referring to a discrete function in organizations, HRM is part of every managerial role that is endowed with leadership responsibility as it encompasses functions such as attracting and selecting new employees as well as motivating and ensuring performance.

Yet, human resource management is subject to change. Due to major global trends such as globalization and digitalization but also new work and sustainability, the practices that are applied for managing people in organizations change. Therefore, the purpose of this module is to discuss these global trends as well as the consequences for human resource management.

Specifically, the discussion of global trends will cover the following topics.

• Globalization: Human resource management in global organizations, influence of culture, and global practices.

• Digitalization: Technology in human resource management practices, changes of competencies, and enablement of global collaboration.

• New Work: Humanization of work, new ways of organizing work, and global changes in human resource practices.

• Sustainability: Addressing the triple-bottom line and decent work on a global level across supply chains.

Course facts

Offered byProf. Dr. Prisca Brosi
ECTS credits5
Method of examinationAssignment