Data Science

Degree programs: MSc Logistics & SCM, MSc Management

The main objective of data science is to allow for extracting useful information and knowledge from data and thus help businesses improve decision-making based on data analysis rather than on intuition. The benefits of applying data science approaches are demonstrated by the improved performance of companies and organizations using such approaches.


This course will teach students the basic principles of data science and cover all phases of the data science life cycle/process. The students will not only learn about principles and techniques of data analysis, but will also get to know concepts, techniques and technologies for data collection, preparation, and storing. During the course software tools will be used to solve data mining problems and help students understand available technology for data analysis. Through case comparison assignment students will get to know available concepts and technologies for Big Data analytics.


After completing the course students will be able to use the generic data science principles, will be aware of the existing techniques and technologies for data analytics and will be knowledgeable of the data perspective of decision making. They will be in a position to apply data-analytic thinking approach when solving business problems, defining business strategy and participating in data-driven decision-making.

Course facts

Offered byProf. Dr. Henrik Leopold
ECTS credits5 Credit Points
Method of examinationAssignment