U-Multirank: KLU Top in Teaching and Learning and International Orientation

Student smiling at camera, Multirank logo bottom right

Kühne Logistics University has emerged once more with flying colours in the globally renowned U-Multirank ratings. KLU received the most top rankings of all German universities (group A and B) in the category ‘teaching and learning’ and received 5 “A” scores in ‘international orientation’. In total, KLU collected 13 U-Multirank As for 2022, placing the university in the highest peer group of institutions in Europe.

“KLU’s sustained excellence across the board in the U-Multirank underlines our status as an international institution delivering world-class learning experiences and educations to our students,” remarked University President Professor Thomas Strothotte. “It is a source of pride for all those involved with the university, particularly our superb teaching and administrative staff, and serves as motivation to keep improving our high standards of teaching and research.”

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U-Multirank’s annual ranking rates more than 2,202 universities from 96 countries around the world, including 106 universities from Germany. Ranking data is gathered including a survey among more than 100,000 students worldwide as well as information supplied by the institutions, data from international bibliometrics, and patent and national databases. U-Multirank is a user-driven, multidimensional ranking of universities and colleges worldwide, covering many aspects of higher education. The universities are evaluated on the basis of more than 30 indicators in the following areas: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and regional engagement. Based on this data, users can make individual comparisons of universities. The independent service has received seed money from the European Union.