Prof. Christian Tröster awarded Best Reviewer Award

Prof. Christian Troester

Christian Tröster, Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at KLU, was awarded the 2022 Best Reviewer Award by the Academy of Management Journal (AMJ). Published by the Academy of Management, AMJ is the leading empirical journal covering all aspects of management.

With the award the academy has recognized the exceptional quality and constructiveness of Prof. Tröster’s reviewing. He was selected for the award from hundreds of reviewers. “The review process is key in science to guarantee that only rigorously conducted and impactful research is being published,” Prof. Tröster said. “The Best Reviewer Award is a recognition of my contribution to the Academy of Management Journal and the management field at large,” he added.

“This award underlines the impact on the field of management research that the KLU faculty has built up during the last ten years,” KLU President Prof. Thomas Strothotte said.

Prof. Tröster has been a member of the Editorial Review Board of AMJ since June 2020. In July of 2022, he was invited to join the editorial team as associate editor. The journal focuses on publishing empirical research that tests, extends, or builds management theory and contributes to management practice.

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