Long-Term Impact Award for KLU Professors Barrot and Becker

Two men stand on the stairs in the KLU foyer holding the Long Term Impact Award.

It has been cited more than 450 times, appeared in more than 20 textbooks on marketing theory, and been published in several publications for practitioners. It is not every day that a scientific article gains such influence less than ten years after publication. ‘Seeding strategies for viral marketing: An empirical comparison’, published by KLU professors Christian Barrot and Jan Becker in the Journal of Marketing in 2011, has changed the way we think about marketing and made a lasting impact on its professional discourse. In light of this significant contribution, the American Marketing Association (AMA) has awarded the paper the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Long-Term Impact Award for its original approach and methodological competence.

In their article, which they co-authored with Professors Oliver Hinz and Bernd Skiera from the University of Frankfurt, Barrot and Becker investigate the best strategies to make marketing campaigns go viral in using an unorthodox approach in this particular field of research. In contrast to earlier papers, which applied conceptual, analytical, or simulation methods in an attempt to analyze targeting strategies in digital marketing, Barrot and Becker were the first to introduce an empirical approach, as the aforementioned methods led to ambiguous results and conclusions. Barrot and Becker conducted a lab experiment in combination with a field experiment and an analysis of transaction data. These data stemmed from a real-life viral marketing campaign involving more than 200,000 customers of a mobile phone service provider.

The caliber of their research gained fast attention. In the year of its publication, the paper was nominated for the MSI H. Paul Root Award from the Marketing Science Institute. In retrospect, the work’s extraordinary impact and long-term contribution to marketing has since become evident. What is more, the article has branched out beyond marketing research and practice into other disciplines such as management and information systems. Taking these merits into account, the jury honored the article with the prestigious award.

The award itself offers Barrot and Becker much deserved praise and recognition for their work. However, there is another unique facet tied to this experience. In the history of the prize, Barrot and Becker, along with their colleagues Hinz and Skiera from Frankfurt, have become the first German team of researchers to receive the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Long-Term Impact Award.

The award ceremony will take place at a reception during the 2018 AMA Summer Academic Conference in Boston from August 10 to 12, 2018.

Congratulations on this great achievement!

Read the award-winning article: Hinz, O., Skiera, B., Barrot, C., and Becker, J.U. (2011), ″Seeding strategies for viral marketing: An empirical comparison,″ Journal of Marketing, 75(6), 55‒71